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That's All You Can Be

I have this thing I suffer from. I won't go in to detail, but it involves me wanting to be someone else. Not someone in particular, but just not me. I'm learning and growing. I'm figuring out late in life that I'm in there somewhere, and she's great. This all might sound simple and obvious to other people, but I wanted to share in case it helps even just one other person. Be you. And try to love you. If there are parts and pieces you need to work on, that's OK. But you will find yourself, and when you do - even if it's just for a fleeting moment - hang on to that. Remind yourself of that the next time you think someone is smarter, kinder, more creative, more successful, or just generally better... Come back to yourself. You are there. You is all you can be. And that's wonderful.

Final exams

Any other post-secondary students struggling with trying to prepare for finals during a pandemic? I wasn't prepared to do this while trapped in my home, and it's getting harder to see the point when it doesn't look like I'll be able to complete my program or get a job, no matter how well I manage to do.

I feel so fortunate

To live in Canada and especially BC right now. Trudeau on the federal level and Dr. Bonnie and Adrian Dix provincially have provided strong, calm leadership. Hell, even Ford stepped up in Ontario. When I look at the orange Cheeto in the US yelling at reporters, deflecting blame and just blatantly lying to everyone it’s nice to know that we’re in competent hands.

Wait and see

If the thousands of Canadians who were job-hunting in the months leading up to Coronavirus are not eligible for benefits when they need it the most, they will start turning to other means to survive! This means crime. I am one of those people forgotten about by the government, and I am already playing around with ideas in my head about breaking the law for my survival. I now understand the poverty stricken members of our society, why there is so much crime, now that I’m put in a precarious position myself. With all my savings dried up paying bills and rent with no income, I’m close to following the path of crime to survive. Thanks Trudeau for your major fuckup rewarding people who already had work.

Strong arm a runner

I am going to strong arm the next asshole runner that comes past me spewing droplets with every breath. Stay 6 feet away and go run on a deserted street you assholes. If they hit my arm then they deserve it!

Red Lipstick

Am I that simple? Graduate degree and I still feel absolutely primal from a nice pair of big red lips.

Giving the camera the finger

Geez I hate that gesture. Why? What is the point, do you think it makes you look cool? You look like an idiot.

Outreach worker

I just spent a lot of time with my clients today. Many of them live in Oppenheimer park. I stay safe with masks and eye shields to protect them also. I go shopping after work in Burnaby at a Safeway and I hear the butcher talking about how we are all just in a false sense of reality with our masks.Staring at me. Asshole. You could never do my job...If I told you where I worked today you would jump back like 80 percent of people. I don’t even bother saying where I work anymore.

Coronavirus 1, Humans 0

This thing is smarter than we are. It’s adapted and mutated and it’s hitched rides and lives on every continent except Antarctica. Us humans have the scientific knowledge and have had other countries experience the spread 2-3 months before us, but we’ve failed to use that information wisely and tactfully. This tiny puny virus measuring between 0.05 to 0.2 microns has found our weaknesses. It doesn’t care about our social constructs of money, the stock market, personal freedoms; only we do. Do we have the fortitude to adapt our behaviour to deal with this thing? Or does our arrogance, exceptionalism and partisan viewpoint win and we die?


I just saw my neighbour who had a baby a few months ago out chilling in her back yard. She was milking her tits into plastic bags! Like a cow! It might be the hottest thing I have ever seen.


English Bay beach green hair/green jacket...

You: On a bike but had stopped at a bench in front of a way-too-busy English Bay beach on Sunday....

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