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Love, Burnaby-style

When you dump someone and they need control so badly that they come back with anger, telling you to go away when you already left long ago. Everyone needs a coping mechanism to protect their hearts, I guess, especially to mask deep regret. Not. My. Problem.


This forum used to be such a great place to read interesting confessions… now there’s still some of those… the rest seem to be arguments with each other? How can you even tell who is typing these things? Hope this changes soon! When I have posted in the past I have found the occasional shitty comment, but mostly helpful ones. Let’s get back to that folks!

Nice, asshole

The psycho neighbor nobody likes made a left turn to cut right in front of me on an empty sidewalk to tell me; "Stay away, I have COVID." Nice guy huh?

I don't get it

Placed an order at Tim's for a large sandwich. They gave me a small one wrapped up in a little paper bag. Pointed out the error and they gave me another small sandwich to make it up but crammed it in the little paper bag. Said they'd have to charge me for another bag if I wanted a larger one. Their mistake so why is this. On top of it can't tell if I'm being charged for the first bag in the first place because, guess what? You don't get a receipt anymore unless you ask for one. I confess this nickle and diming of consumers is getting out of hand. Seems like we just can't win sometimes.

Marching orders

My partner of 7 years joined a religion I call a cult not long ago. Last week I was driving down Kingsway early one evening when I saw her drive by in a car with some random guy when she was supposed to be at church. I followed them to a sketchy motel, waited a while and went and knocked on the door. He answered and I told him to tell her to have her things moved out by the end of the month and to text me with when she would do so as I was going home to change the locks. Goodbye to her.


It’s not my imagination. I understand that now. Somehow he always manages to manipulate situations so that he gets his own way, time after time. We can make a plan to do something I suggest, but somehow it usually winds up being what he wanted to do instead. If you point it out to him he acts all confused and innocent and hurt that you’d suggest such a thing. He gaslights constantly so that you find yourself wondering if you’re just being too suspicious. But it’s happened so often that I no longer doubt my own perception anymore. He’s a manipulator, pure and simple.

Random coincidences

Do you ever wonder if what seems like a random coincidence isn’t really random? I met someone through work a few months ago, and we have a lot in common that made us feel connected (not in a romantic way). Even the way we met was serendipitous. So yesterday I was given some documents of theirs to read, that included a lot of very personal information about their family, including dates of birth and death. Here’s where the coincidences come in: several of those birth and death dates coincided with birthdates of my own family. 4 of them in fact, which just seemed odd. It’s like that 6 degrees of separation concept in a way, and it makes me ponder the significance, if ther is any.

Arachnophobic about city art

I hope the city takes down that big awful spider by the skytrain. It's not that I don't like spiders. I just don't like 99/100 city art installations. What a waste of money. This spider probably cost a billion dollars.


JJ Bean Babe

I come in for my morning London Fog and Umami Wrap. You’re usually working and even if you don’t...

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