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I saw

The Lat Duel and the misogynistic attitudes in the film actually reminded me a lot of my own family and attitudes I’ve come across as an unmarried woman. Could it be that we are still quite medieval?

Cautiously getting festive.

Maybe it's all the grumpy people. Maybe it's the down pouring rain. Maybe it's that there's been so much loss for so many this year, that my massive loss doesn't feel alone with it. But I had a very thanks giving. A little chicken and rice a roni by myself. My room mates each had thanks givings by themselves. I stock shelves right now instead of my glory days, but I stock Halloween Candy. I stock Christmas stuff. I got this job as a side hustle to not spend time alone. Yesterday I was at a training session and the person my company made me car pool with(not reimbursed or nothing either) turned out to be my age and listen to the same music I do. I am surrounded by sad and grumpy and burnt out people, but unlike last winter where the spark fading from crashing down from a top a mountain, the spark in people is glowing. Every one has seemingly had their a** kicked recently. Maybe it is family. maybe it is covid. maybe it is that they worked so much, they did not get isolated but are now burnt out. whatever the case, the spirt in me in flickering brighter than I could have imagined. facing lonely head on in a society full of sad, may make this holiday season something special.

Think I fell in love with a poet

and I'm not so jaded anymore. I wish he could understand that I didn't want to just have sex. I just have a habit of starting with that, and assuming that's all men want from me. I don't feel beautiful, or intellectual, or skillful, or interesting. That doesn't mean those things are true, but as a result, I've always used my body as a means to feel less alone.

Climate Protesters

What drives me crazy about these people is that they breed kids. What do they think is wreaking havoc on the environment??? Please educate yourselves people!

Let me hermit

I am socially drained. People keep asking me to hang out and I just can't do it. I just want to tell everyone I know to go away. The more they tell me I need to get out more, the less I want to. Why can't people respect boundaries?


If I saw Bigfoot and I had a gun————I would yell and try get it’s attention. Why haven’t any of the people in the sighting videos done this? Stunned? You do it with a bear...why not Bigfoot.

Needa get better

I am terrible at freezing meat after I buy it. I just put it all in the freezer on the best by day.

Good choice

My 3 cats which I've had over the past 28 years have always been there for me and very loving. Much more supportive than family in the prairies. Cats are amazing.

Happy Cat

Now that she's home with me I'm brimming full of sunshine. She just so cute, cuddly, and sweet. She has her little toe beans pressing into my tummy as she naps. I'm so glad I adopted her. This was meant to be.


From what I can gather the housing crisis is due to the unaffordability of homes more than the lack of homes. Going forward with projected population growth doesn't it make more sense to build affordable condos rather than rental units? Instead of having all the wealth concentrate to a couple of companies shouldn't we be allowing for growth if a middle class? This would also help to stabilize a local economy when the people that own the property also live, work and spend their income within that economy. Just thinking of a different approach because what we've been doing as a society is only working for a small number of us.


Bicycling on the surface of the water

You were doing Tai Chi. I bicycled slowly, through deeply pooled water, not making even a ripple...

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