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I like to fuck around

Someone I work with knows I post on here. What he doesn’t know is that I have known this for awhile. I also know he’s on another site I used to be on many months ago. I like to fuck with him. I say certain things that might be a close Reference to a post here to see if he figures it out.

Are we a paradox

Just finished smoking a joint, and had a thought about blackholes in space. So what if all these blackholes throughout the universe are just pulling all this matter and energy into a single point in time and space. All this matter and energy explodes in the past causing the big bang leading to the creation of the universe. Perhaps we have all lived and died all our lives an infinite number of times. Deja Vu prophetic dreams and visions people get sometimes.


I can’t imagine being fat. I’ve gained ten pounds during quarantine and I feel awful. I need to get out more but I’m depressed so it’s hard to get motivated even though I know that’s the only thing that will help my depression and my waistline.

Covid outtakes

I confess that the lockdown permitted me to look at what I was calling once, a 'close circle' with a fresh set of eyes. It's not a circle anymore.

What’s happens

When you have it all but then don’t want any of it anymore?


A few weeks ago, a friend messaged asking what I was doing for my 30th birthday, which is next week. I said I guess I could plan something, and messaged our group chat. 5 or 6 people replied saying yes. Yesterday, I checked in with people to see if they were still interested. Everyone who said yes forgot and now has other plans. One person, who was most enthusiastic, didn't reply. I've since seen on Instagram that she's out of town. The friend who asked me to set it up read the message and didn't reply, despite us talking about it since and her saying how excited she was. At this point, I would have loved for people just to reply saying they couldn't make it, but only two people actually did that. I cried for two hours.

Stay out of wreck beacb

Go to Jericho or every other beach to keep your bathing suit on. When you come here fully clothed just to say you're here and look cool or to spectate you ruin the community. You make the nudies the minority. Be a part of it, to help normalize it (in that setting alone of course) or don't bother. Not trying to be rude but the decrease of naked people at wreck has completely changed because yall come in here fully clothed. what was once a totally different world and a very open and easy vibe, is now just another Jericho. The gentrification is truly saddening. When you're naked there its okay, because so is everyone else. And you see all types of bodies and people just being themselves and enjoying the beach without judgement. A lot of people don't feel comfortable doing that now because we're becoming the odd ones out. Be a part of it or go somewhere else, please.


My boyfriend insists on wearing these old high school and college jerseys. They have rips and tears all over them. I am embarrassed to be seen outside with him.

Nagging doubt

I feel a really profound loss due to a collapse in communication with someone I can't stop thinking about. I also feel really sad, unsure of my future in general. I can't find a way out of my conventional life nor can I escape feelings I have trouble putting into words regarding my relationship...although I know it's not good feelings. I feel alone, uncertain about everything that is my life these days, save for my kids who are a successful legacy out of all this. I just can't shake the sadness. I wish I knew how to fix this collapse to make things better.


Blue capped wearing guy on the 361

To the very nice guy, with the blue hat, sweet smile, sunburn and patience while riding on the...


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