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2019 Fiancees

The term fiancée doesn't mean anything anymore. When I was younger, most divorce happened in the mid 30s and above. My generation, I'm mid 30s and most people I know now have had multiple fiancées and almost use the term to over embellish boyfriend/girlfriend. It's gotten to the point that when someone tells me they have a new fiancée I almost assume it won't end in marriage. None of them do.

Thanks Confessions!

Trauma bonds are brutal. It's been difficult talking with friends about my situation. When your bond to an old love re-awakens, that can be kind of nice to reminisce. But when you think you can feel someone experiencing something traumatic, and it claws at your triceps when you sit down, with no access or communication, it's crazy-making. It's helplessness, and I've thrashed about. For story sharing, and Great Science, I've had 2.5 illusionary 'sympathic' traumas over the last 3 years. It's hard not to be frustrated when you don't know where these things are coming from. Mark Twain comes to mind: "I've been through some terrible things in my life. Some of which actually happened." Thanks for your support over the years Confessions! You're advice is janky at best, but it's cheaper than a movie and there's free coffee if your roommate's got some at home. I'm ready to move forward and I'll save the nitty-gritty for a counsellor or therapist when I want to treat myself. Y'all are alright.

Staying fit for life

I never thought I’d be one of those women who ends up not being fit and strong in my old age. I was so active for the majority of my life, until a chronic illness hit me a few years ago. Since then I’ve become almost completely inactive, because I’m not supposed to put too much strain on my heart. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t bear to look at myself naked anymore. So this past l week I decided that enough is enough, and I’ve started just stretching and planking, and doing some body-weight exercises in my home. What’s amazing is how fast it’s coming back! All the years of keeping fit have really benefited me. Muscle memory is real. I went from not being able to plank for more than 15 seconds at once 4 days ago, to doing over 60 seconds now. I can do 50 squats too. So to all of you young people who think that you’ve got time to get fit, please don’t keep putting it off. When you’re old and possibly alone, you’re really going to need your body to be strong so that you can remain independent. Trust me, it WILL matter.


I’m a loser. Can’t even win a roll up the rim.

I confess

I can't get over my significant other cheating even though this past year they have seemingly changed their bad habits. I just feel like a big L O S E R . I have never liked coming in second place. How do you get over the need to be the best?

Acceptance vs suffering

I kind of laugh and feel bad for people when they post about things like backpacks on buses, excessive perfume, bad drivers, people on smartphones, etc. These are things that humans do, and will likely continue to do. If you get angry every time you see someone walking with their phone, you are going to have a very miserable life.


Thought someone cared but it was just a scared stalker.. Funny

Older Man Crush

I'm 27 and I have a major crush on this guy at my work and he is 45.

Extremely annoyed

I keep trying to reach translink with no answer about a huge problem. I rely on c23 as I am injured and every time I try to catch it I have to wait for two or three buses to go by before I can find one with an open seat. If they know they are over capacity why don’t they increase service? Can I invoice translink all my taxi fare I’ve been forced to take on due to the lack of basic fucking service ?!


Shirtless Garbage Truck Guy

Do you think it might have been jumping the gun on summer a bit by deciding to do your job...

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