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Post pandemic dating

A recent confession made me think of the strange meandering that dating has taken over the last few years. I have been on lot's of dates in the last year and they are very much different than they were the year before. Hell, the most common thing I've dealt with lately is a complete wholesome innocence from most people. Almost like people have had a complete reset of their lives and are dating/hanging out for the first time. People with kids are completely different as well. They're not clingy to their kids or their parenting lives like I have ever seen it. Maybe being cooped up for so long dramatically changed them, but I've gone on enough dates lately with parents who haven't even mentioned their kids. It's almost felt like they're kids, or teenagers or something getting their independence for the first time as well. Many of my dates have ended in friend zones, but not forced, much more organic. like "I'm your age, we get along, maybe this isn't romantic, but this is something I want to continue." I've even been set up on dates from dates. It's all f*cking weird, but also kind of amazing. Toxicity will return I'm sure, but whatever... this spring is lovely.

My Knees

Do they look like your bitch? No? Then why are you trying to fuck them like a bitch? I don't like them touched by anyone except my partner. Seriously, give my knees some space. They're not meant to be fucked by your bag that you're holding stupidly in public space.


I recently had an ex try to come back into my life. They have been diagnosed with a life changing ailment. However, they trashed my life and lied relentlessly about me when we broke up. They even messed with my career at that point. It's been a few years since that and I had moved past it, but their recent communication just seemed self fulfilling and shady. Your actions when you're healthy don't change when you get sick.

Everybody wants

I took an accounting course. Dry but very useful content. A man befriended me. After a few accounting conversations, he asked me to set him up with my single friends. I literally only know his first name and would never in a million years introduce him to my friend network for his selfish needs. I don’t know if it’s because it’s spring, post pandemic or boredom, but your loneliness problems are not mine to solve.


So you're a light-skinned person that prefers other light-skinned people and that's what you're advertising on your dating profile. That's fine, depending on how it's worded. But it's troubling to me that the majority of us seem to be less accepting of other cultures.

Misogyny is gross

Years after online movements, and a bazillion posters on my post secondary referring to positive spaces and feminism have done jack shit. Even white knighting/faux feminists have learned it takes less effort to pretend you're a progressive male than actually being one.

$580 million to host the World Cup? Let's see the details

We should demand 100% transparency of the costs to host the World Cup in Vancouver (and Toronto). Something seems bafflingly illogical about this... and we know bodies like FIFA are notoriously corrupt/hyper-capitalist institutions. "The "core cost" of hosting is now pegged at between $483 million and $581 million – approximately double the original range provided when Vancouver was named a host city two years ago. Inflationary pressures and updated FIFA hosting requirements contributed to the increased costs, B.C.'s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport said. Officials also originally anticipated hosting five games in Vancouver, not seven." My thoughts: - We already built the skytrain for the 2010 Olympics so infrastructure = already in place. - BC Place capacity is 54,500 and is set to host 3 Taylor Swift concerts in December 2024 - Whitecaps and Lions games are already enabled for TV broadcast, so the broadcasting ability is there. So I ask you... beyond some reasonable and expected costs, where does this half a billion $$$ +++ estimate come from? This is outrageous. Show the math, prove your work, give the public 100% disclosure of the costs. Contact your MPs and MLAs and local city council officials.

Tired of living in denial

I'm tired of living a lie. I am gay. I am 57 and only recently admitted it to myself . I looked in the mirror and just said it. "I'm gay". A flood of feelings came over me in that moment. I felt a heavy weight fall off me. It felt wonderful! But I was terrified at the same time. I couldn't believe what I was saying. I fought it and went back and forth for a long time but I am tired of the conflict. There's this cute guy who has flirting with me and I'm going to give him what he wants.

Time’s up

It’s true what they say you know, that when you’re at the end of your life you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. My time is coming to an end sooner than I expected, and I can definitely say that my biggest regret was not leaving a doomed relationship as soon as my gut instincts told me to. All those wasted years and now there’s no time left. So if I could do it all over again I’d risk more, adventure more, say goodbye to toxic people sooner, and not give a rat’s ass about the approval of other people about my decisions.

Job interviews

Had 2 interviews with company. Just saw that they reposted the job opportunity on all the sites. So now just waiting for that dreaded “Thank you but no thanks” automated email. You’d think they’d tell me first before reposting. I absolutely can’t stand this job market.


R5 at Main and Hastings

We’re waiting for the bus heading east, you had your skateboard and a bouquet of flowers. We...

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