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My old man.

Worked hard all his life. Still working, doing heavy manual labor at age 70. A good person, a kind friend. I wish I could afford to help him retire.

Just want to cry...

Basically, can't afford to buy property here unless it's absolutely terrible... and in the boonies away from anything that I care about, so ... I'm thinking about leaving my family behind. I am single and don't have anyone to move away with even. Don't know how people deal with this.

Old school phone sex

I've known this person for just over two years and although we have never met in person, we have the hottest phone sex from time to time. They really get me going and every time is so incredibly fun.... Maybe it's a bit old-school but I just love it. Love them describing what they'd do to me and what they want me to do. When you solely focus on the sounds, even without a visual, it can truly be incredible.

For Better of For Worse

I'm not the marrying kind I guess, but at least 3 of my exes married the very next person they found after me. I always figured if you were going to stay together your whole lives you'd just do it regardless of some ceremony.

Vivid dreams

I have vivid dreams about an ex, mostly sex related fantasies. I don’t know why I still do - I broke up with her because we didn’t really have that much in common. She spent most of her time at music festivals while I stayed home with my kid (single dad). I don’t know how she still has a “hold” on me.

I Suck at Dating

I particularly suck at screening. I have a pattern of falling for people that turn out to be dishonest, selfish, bigoted, racist, homophobic...the list goes on. I mean I figure it out pretty quick, but why don't I see it on my first date or even before? Fuck!

I hate platitudes

A few weeks ago I lost my two closest and most loved family members under tragic tragic conditions. Think heat dome. Think elder people.. Devastated obviously. As person who does not text or have social media I have mentioned to the people who want to connect with me their sympathies, that I HATE PLATITUDES. They can phone. They can socially distant visit, as I would with them. The long and short of it, is that I have gotten zero. Since they can not give worthless platitudes, they give nothing. I am okay with this. It means, in the tragedy of my lifetime, people choose nothing over something.

Got sprayed

Had a long day almost forgot, it was late night I figured we could sneak around without a leash, his hair sparkled he prancing from garden to garden and by the time I realized it was real I screamed it was tooo late the skunk sprayed I thought Charlie had the leash on So I bend down to somehow get the dog away , the skunk was chill I was not,, all the way home we tried so hard to blame each other only to bathe in vinegar after midnight.

zero confidence

I am a mess... when it comes to my career, making friends, sustaining relationships, opening pickle jars... I started going to therapy. I've had a couple sessions and I feel slightly better. I wonder how this will evolve... I opened a pickle jar the other day... It was a tough one too.

I Saw Her Face

We've been wearing masks over a year where I live. Everyone has been wearing them, presumably mostly because the penalties if you don't are severe. Anyway, that isn't the point. The point is a woman made eye contact with me the other day and then briefly lowered her mask as if to show me her face. I didn't reciprocate and she pulled it back up and walked off. I've been going through a bit of an internal crisis since then though trying to come to grasps with a dystopian world where something like exposing your face could be a flirtation.


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