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Mio confessionaire

Getting very tired of an acquaintance that continually speaks out their ass like it's fact. The only expertise they have seems to be being wrong whenever they open their mouths. So tiring, it's exactly like listening to Trump speak. Saying bullshit like it's fact just makes you look like a bigger idiot thsn you are. Think FFS.

Get A Partner?

Haha, nope. I'm just contemplating whether I should get more cats.

My idea of fun

Is going pantless at parties. Nobody seems to care around 1am. It just becomes acceptable.

Smoking Paradox

Can I really be in love with a smoker when the neighbor's smoke disgusts me so much?

I have a bit of a cold

I was going on twitter and I go to DT's page... and I then get this colossal urge to sneeze. I accidentally hit a key on my keyboard and his image pops up... and I sneeze all over him! wow!

lonely heart

I deleted all my dating apps today.. I’m tired of being treated like trash or ghosted. I’d rather be alone than just an option or an afterthought. Maybe I’ll meet someone organically... but it’s okay if I don’t, too. For the first time in a long time I know I’ll be okay alone.

Things come to an end

For a friend I supported through her really tough and stressful times. When it’s my turn to go through stressful times, radio silence from her. Disappointing to say the least. Everything comes to an end: jobs, loves, friendships, life. If I can’t count on you, I don’t see the real reason to eat dinner with you or look at your social media posts. It’s all phoney so let’s just end it already.

Profile Picture Angst

I have become quite fit over the past few years. I kept looking forward to the day I could shock everyone with my muscles and good looks, and get lots of likes and hearts and female interest, but now that I've achieved my goal I worry about getting that very result! I feel crappy that without the superficial display they currently aren't showing me any attention because they don't know. So I don't want to post because then I'd be judged on what I look like and not who I am.

I believe

I have a valentine somewhere. Mature done playing the field can be wild can be quiet can be deviant can be conservative can be kind can be edgy with clear mind . Who doesn’t play me or live a double life. Who lives in the present. Who loves fearlessly and curiously. Too bad I’ll never meet him sitting in my apartment by myself

Things Are looking Up.

I didn't have a date for Xmas or New Years Eve last year. But today on Valentines Day, I have a date. Nice. Here is to 2020!!! Cheers!


Long beautiful curly brown hair

You were wiping the water off the customer seat on the patio at bakery brewery. Sunday. Feb 16...

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