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I am bulking and working out, there is of course the inevitable fat gain that comes with putting on weight. And it kind of looks like I have boobs, but I'm a dude, so they're called moobs. Time to cut the calories back, I don't like moobs, being fat feels gross and I'm not even fat.

Only when I'm Gone

I want someone that loves me, and wants to be with me when I'm there, not only when I'm not there.

Beauty runs deep

She just turned 67. I fell into her beautiful eyes. My soul is on fire.

I Like Oral Better Than Sex

Is it weird that I’d rather give a woman oral than fuck her? I just love making her cum in my mouth...such a turn on. I even enjoy rimming if she is fresh out of the shower. Don’t get me wrong, I like to fuck but I love to go down. Am I alone on this? Is there something wrong with me?

Reasonable and Dignified Access

To something that is completely legal in Canada has become frustrating. What I got with a legally medical prescription last year, has been a waiting game this year. The place I went to, has shut down to go through the proper process. Has gotten the okay but we've been told it still will not be until September until it opens. And continually seems to be pushed back at the last minute. The closest place in any direction is 2 and 1 half hours away for me by non transit bus. So to go there and back is roughly $60 and an entire day. I had easier access when it was illegal with a legal prescription than I will have had in roughly 14 months since it became legal. I have always assumed the delays are simply to try to tie it up beyond the next election to roll everything back.


I just found out that the father of my unborn child (who claims very much to be straight) was screwing my gay friend during the beginning of our relationship.. I don't know how I feel about it.. I'm so confused and hurt. Don't even know what to say.. What a twist.

Walk across Canada

There is a woman walking across Canada to bring awareness to climate change. I want to do the same. I want to go with her.

I'm unprofessional

I'm 29. I am currently exiting (final day tomorrow) a job at a company that had very bad vibes from day 1, and where I didn't like my direct manager (wrong management style for me). When some colleagues asked why I was leaving, I made the mistake of telling the truth, and asking if I should say something. Somehow, upper management got wind that I hadn't been happy. I should have known better. I confess that I'm the work drama queen and I need to learn from this experience and not be so unprofessional next time I'm unhappy. I should not sow the seeds of dissent. I hope you all don't make the same mistake I did. Learn from this. Exit with grace.

My "Wall"

I mistrust people who insist on exclusively communicating over Facebook.

In a bind...

Made the mistake of not keeping professional boundaries by becoming friends with someone in my department. Problem is they continually attract drama outside of work (which we're both far too old for). I'm slowly trying to distance myself from them but an exit strategy is hard to come up with when I work with them directly everyday and they've gotten in the habit of using me as their go-to person when it all hits the fan...


Pink Hair on the 14

I boarded the 14 Hastings eastbound at Kaslo and Hastings. You complimented me on my hair, to...

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