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Leftovers Soup

Flour. Unsalted butter. Leftover Thai chicken soup stock. 1/2 cup rice. Leftover cheddar. Salt. Pepper. Undeglazed sauce pan from lunch (sauteed smoked turkey meat). Had nothing else left in the kitchen and it turned out tastier than I thought it would.

Stubble story

Years ago I was driving south to the ferry terminal to pick up me mum. On the way there I was the first car in line waiting at a red light. The folks going the other way had a advance left turn arrow. Every car that went by in front of me was driven by a guy with a moustache. And it wasn’t even November!

I’m sorry I barked at you

But just because I’m in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I’m totally useless. I know you’re heart is in the right place and I appreciate you wanting to help but when I drop something and repeatedly say to please leave it, PLEASE leave it, PLEASE LEAVE IT, then please leave it for me to pick up myself. I know I’m going to hear from a lot of you thinking I’m ungrateful but I’m not. It’s just that there is something infuriating about someone diving into my space trying to help. It would make a person feel less pathetic if you were to first offer help or wait to be asked. Once again, I apologize for snapping at you.

Most annoying people in the world are

The ones who are not living in Vancouver but post mean stuff about Vancouver on the confessions. No, you're not allowed to hate anymore.

Cold War

Now that I don't live in Vancouver, my parents can't guilt me about how cold the temperature is at home.

Deliciously distracted

I had the pleasure of sitting next to a very sexy stranger for three hours. It made it hard to focus on my reading. Definitely not complaining. If only every outing to the tea shop could have such company. I'm already addicted to the tea. Add a sexy woman and, well… If she is there next week then I will definitely strike up a conversation.


I started watching a show that’s 55 minutes long....2.5hrs ago. There’s 9 minutes left.

I don't wanna see you

It's hard to have the energy to be around a friend whose problems are of their own making who puts minimal effort into trying to improve their situation when you're fighting hard in your own life only to be held back time and time again by things over which you have no control.

That Boy

I shouldn’t like him as much as I do but I can’t help it. He’s beautiful. He’s wonderful. He caresses me. He is so fucking nice to me. I’m so grateful. Spending time with him is like the perfect cup of tea. I’m so lucky but when he’s away and needs space I feel so lonely. I need to work on that.

Pandemic time kindness at Surrey has station

Today after work, I went to get gas. I first walked into the store to pay and since there was a customer in front of me trying to count his change, I had to wait a few minutes. Once he had paid for his things, he turned around, and asked me if I was getting gas. I said yes, and he told the attendant to add $5 to my gas, as he said he had made me wait and he felt bad. I reassured him that I wasn't in a hurry and that I didn't want to take his $5, as he looked like he didn't have a lot himself. He insisted and walked out of the store. It was a very, very sweet gesture and whoever you are, thank you so much!! It was completely unnecessary but I truly appreciate it. I hope someone does something really nice for you soon. I will pay it forward and thank you again.


Cute butcher, shy meat eater

You work at Windsor meats on Hastings, and give off a causal metal head vibe. I came in the week...


Savage Love: Pussy-averse partner is possibly a necrophiliac

Advice columnist Dan Savage says there could be several reasons why a woman's former lover insisted on being so phallocentric during sex.

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