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Theory About Lattes

Okay, so I had an idea recently. Coffee is one of The drinks for adults drink, but where did this idea of steamed milk come from? Is it reminiscent of breastfeeding? A combination of trying to adult and be soothed like an infant. I heart lattes.

I hate musicals

I don't know why, but I do. I think Frozen would've been a perfectly good cartoon if there wasn't all that singing in it. Blech.

I Wake Up Every Morning

To the 80's. The sounds are full of waking movement, that I feel carried out of bed. To me nothing compares to starting the day with music.

I have to confess

I have been at the very least on a bad drug induced trip and it led me on very strange path. The fact is I've said and done things both I meant from the heart and others I said in confused and frustrated anger. Fact is I never really knew all the details was guessing at best. It doesn't matter we all have made some bad choices. Regardless I forgive any things that may have been directed my way. I just hope that any of you who know me can forgive the same way. It's time to stop the spin cycle it's killing all that matters.

Lesbian/Gay sex?

I know a lesbian couple and a gay couple. One of the gay men had never had heterosexual sex so one of the lesbians agreed to help him learn what it was like. I'm not kidding, his partner told me about this. Why am I posting this as a confession? The notion awakened the voyeur in me I guess. I would have liked to see that encounter. Was she receptive or did they need lube? How did he get aroused if women never interested him? Did she help? Did it last long?


A long long time ago, I taught English in Asia. The group I hung out with were all in our 20s and all intent on gratifying ourselves with excess booze, going through multiple sleeping partners, traveling, late nights, etc. There was one guy named Wayne, an American from a disenfranchised group, and his main goal was to work for a few years there to save up enough money to buy a house. His goal sounded absolutely alien to us at the time, in our hedonistic immaturity. I’ve never forgotten him and his clear-sighted plans for his life, while I’ve seen friends, colleagues, acquaintances all struggle to get an affordable permanent roof over their heads. One of the party ppl returned to my city and I saw her back here earning minimum wage. In hindsight Wayne was the smart one shunning all the boozing and partying! I wonder how his life turned out when he made such gains so early.

Somehow it hurts less when.....

I have a small dick. Smaller than average. I know it isn't my fault. Sometimes a woman will say, "It's so big". That makes me feel bad because I know it isn't true. Sometimes a woman will say nothing and that makes me feel bad because I think they must be disappointed but don't want to hurt my feelings. And sometimes, a woman will say, "It's so small." and express disappointment. Somehow, that is the easiest to take. It is true.

Cell Phone Etiquette...Anyone? Anyone?

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why people use speaker phone to chat with mates in public?? I don’t care if your child had a big poop today, that your new mascara is “fab” or honey, don’t forget to get eggs on your way home. Don’t even get me started with FaceTime in public. Pfft. I think it’s rude and ridiculous the rest of society is forced to listen to your dribble. Use headphones or put the phone up to your ear for gawd sake!

Bad plan

My retirement plan is to hope that some family members or friends leave me money in their will. If not, I'll be working until I'm 100.

I give up

So I found a job and was so excited to be working again. The people at work seemed so nice and the job was interesting. But the problem comes in, they seem to be having trouble paying me. Stalling even, a bunch of Bla, bla , bla stupid excuses. The Owner seems to be doing quite well, " I'd say " and should be able to pay an employee. So why do I have to go looking for my pay, again. I did my hours, showed up on time, acted like I gave a rats ass. I was even nice and friendly to the customers. Why no pay yet? Giving you a bit more time to do whats right. You hear that? This is just a bunch of " Rigitony".

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