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I've been thinking

I think we are alone in this universe. Now hear me out . But I do think however that there are multiple universes but each in their own dimensions. One dimension with one planet with life on it in each. So multiple dimensions each with only one planet with life on it. Why you ask do I think that ? Because look at the fact on this planet how different countries are always fighting about shit constantly. Can't seem to get along and always trying to take over each other countries. Can you imagine two planets in the same universe shit they would be battling it out who's got the better planet or trying to take over the other person's planet. So that's why I think one planet in each dimension. Now that not to say that a higher evolved planet could not figure out how to transport to other dimensions, cause that is a possiblity but remember they are higher evolved so maybe they are past the killing and taking over garbage. Smarter is what I'm basically trying to say. Like we should be on this planet but we're not yet ! But I do have hope :)

Taken advantage of

I have been taken advantage of in a way I may have asked for while unwell or in a way that I don't know what to do anything about. I can't see a positive outcome. I went to the hospital to get help and found it unhelpful as they just want to focus on one thing. People screamed from the seclusion rooms and I regretted going in their completely.


I surprised myself. After spending so many years not aware of it, trying to hide it, identifying it, and feeling embarrassed. Something changed. The hairdresser pointed out the unusual breakage on my hair and I admitted I have trichotillomania. I pull out my hair when I feel anxious. It didn't feel scary to admit it strangely. What changed?


I have been going to Post Secondary schools for the past 10 years and have over $125,000 in student loan debt with no degree and way of paying it back.

In the Wind

I see it in rare photos of myself. A part of me looks absent. I wonder what it will take to coax me back. Out from the panic room or wherever I might be in my mind.

Masking heartbreak

Moving through a dumping too quickly P Maybe there is an alternate universe where we work out Forever floating effortlessly in our blow up boat across Harrison lake A summer that swallowed us whole, sugar and salt to the tongue When you pampered the skin of my thighs, painfully aware Of the potential threat of the sun on milk-like skin The colour red was soft to me then, and laughing took longer Things we yearned to experience were moments we earned Rain or parking tickets or mould a slim infraction to our days I still love you and I don’t think I ever plan on stopping

Dating Today

So I messaged this really cute guy on a dating website and he didn't even reply. He was tall, good looking, and loves hiking. So this guy doesn't even message me back and on the messaged tab it says he read it but didn't even reply. Online dating is awful because the guys that message you aren't worth your time and the ones you message are jerks.

Glad to get old enough to have problems

A bunch of people I know have died too young in the past few years.Some people think they should be healthy forever but I have always said I am glad to get old enough to have problems. The alternative sucks! I am embracing my aging and all the “bad” stuff that goes on (vision, hearing, knee replacement, libido changes, hair loss…and the list goes on!).

Don’t be a line up A-HOLE

So sick of people who are further back in line and when a new til opens, these entitled, narcissistic a-holes gladly accept the opportunity to butt in front of all the people who have been waiting in line for far longer than them. This happens all the time and also when it comes to taking the bus. C’mon, people. Are we all eight years old now?

Slowing Down

I’ve been diagnosed with early onset dementia. I’m in my early 30s. I used to be so worried about certain milestones but now..I’m just…I don’t know. It feels surreal. It’s crazy how my priorities shifted. I’m just focused on doing the things I want to be doing. And finally making progress on things I kept putting off for years. I was always searching for my life’s purpose, so this is such a weird reality check. The impermanence of life. I have only told a couple of close friends and one of them is having a hard time understanding. Which is weird because I start to reassure her, meanwhile I don’t even know how to comes to terms with it myself. Hug your loves ones tighter.


I Saw You See Me See You

I walked by you on the street along Hastings last week and recognized you from a patio last...

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