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I've been thinking

I think we are alone in this universe. Now hear me out . But I do think however that there are multiple universes but each in their own dimensions. One dimension with one planet with life on it in each. So multiple dimensions each with only one planet with life on it. Why you ask do I think that ? Because look at the fact on this planet how different countries are always fighting about shit constantly. Can't seem to get along and always trying to take over each other countries. Can you imagine two planets in the same universe shit they would be battling it out who's got the better planet or trying to take over the other person's planet. So that's why I think one planet in each dimension. Now that not to say that a higher evolved planet could not figure out how to transport to other dimensions, cause that is a possiblity but remember they are higher evolved so maybe they are past the killing and taking over garbage. Smarter is what I'm basically trying to say. Like we should be on this planet but we're not yet ! But I do have hope :)

Things change, stuff happens, life goes on

I never went to any of my high school reunions. My thing is out of sight, out of mind. Sure, there were a few kids I hung out with back in the day and we often ate lunch together. Truth be told, we were never really that close. It wasn’t a friendship, only a clique. We stuck around each other just for the social aspect based on common interests like music and movies. But as we got older, our interests changed…big time and we started having minds of our own. We eventually went our separate ways, haven’t seen or communicated with each other since. That’s life.

Call and Answer

Why am I still living in Vancouver. Why do I still choose to be here. After over ten years I have lost a house and community. Why do I stay? This city is my home. My job is here. And I know it’s not enough. So what do I do about it. Slowly rebuild my life.

I feel free

For a while, I have had distance from every toxic person in my life. Some passed away, others were told to get out of my life for good, circumstances allowed a few to leave my existence and a few regretfully drifted off. At first, I was sad about the drifters, but as time passed, I kept getting more articles and books coming my way. I found myself reading more and more about abusive people and people with personality issue red flags. It's like life is educating me on why they were "removed" from my life path, and now I both pity those that drifted and understand how their not being in my life anymore is a very good thing, even when I initially thought otherwise. I learned about myself and others, so while the lessons were at times hard to experience (and, for some, I wish things didn't turn out the way they did), I'm quite glad how I learned on many levels as a result of those experiences. I am better prepared should I encounter anyone like these people again, and am ready for much healthier and more rewarding interactions now because I am worth a happy life filled with fun, patient, supportive, loyal, kind people who live in integrity embracing collective growth. I have lots of room now. Thanks, life!

Beautiful fall day sees cock on full display

The exquisite days of fall lasted through early November; tempatures between 70 and 80 degrees F, low humidity and bright clear skies. Rather than attend to legal and financial matters currently on my plate, the beautiful days triggered a need to indulge sexual deviances. First, through the wooded trails to the river. Bulge evident under swimming trunks until destination reached. Towel down. Shirt o ft Leading to being totally horned, naked and tingling with deviant desires - cock wrapped in cockrings, enhancing bulge appearance, a minimilist covering of a jock strap or posing thong showed the burning sexual hunger. And the obscene package is lovingly kept on full display. As on looking men position themselves for comfortable view, the cock stud begins fingering his burning nipples. Then squeezing and pinching and tugging. Until precum discolors the fabric. And the body rises, cock bounces from a swift slap, legs rest even wide apart so cock is highest point of display. Thoughts go to stranger reaching over shoulder and around chest to quiet, subdue and then the nipples are touched with promises of more until hot sexy body is writhing and begging to be cockfed. holders thick muscular legs bent up at the knee, spread wide. Sex hole open and ready. signaling want and any moral knowledgeannoappearanceread wide showing my sex hole turns me on incredibly. Want other men to see how into showing off my cock I am. Want them to think of me as a cock slut. Get so turned on when strait guy walks by and says how hot I look. If they only knew i would do anything to bring him m4m pleasure. And m4m guys, I crave their stare, showing more of my deviant tendencies, then begin working my nipples to having them see how wired they are and hear more of my deviant cravings. Guys, find me. Grab my nipples. I will follow every deviant request, demand you make of my in pursuit of you own deviant pleasure. He who controls my nipples controls me. So hungry to show you and learn myself the debths I will go to debase myself in pursuit of your pleasure.

Mamahuhu Ca Va

It doesn’t have to mean anything. That’s what he said. There’s something in me that disagrees. When I think about what it takes to survive in life, my impression is that there must be a value or idea to grasp onto, like a point on the horizon to focus on while in turbulent waters. If there is nothing, I imagine myself lost at sea under a starless sky beholden to currents and waiting for the direction of sunrise. I can choose what things mean to me, and more importantly, I get to choose how I respond. I wish I could be gracious, but I think he’s an asshole and needs to put down the Nietzsche and pick up Frankl.

Broke, fat and old

I held onto a memory of an ex through the last few years that kept me grinding away at my personal growth. Making money, gaining stability, growing mature, staying fit... then I ran into them and holy shit they got changed. Maybe the joke is on me as a single, but they married into what appears to be a trailer park life style covered in trashy tattoo's and hipster make up. I guess people do change.

Good to be back

Confessions were a lifeline during much of the isolation period of the last few years. While they were down some stuff happened in my real world that gave me life closure on things that had no guarantees would happen. I am awake to life like I was before the pandemic, my heart is open to what is an already starting long Xmas season, and the confessions opened back up on cue. Life is beautiful.


I feel embarrassed for them, but I don’t know them well enough to tell them that they’re making a total ass of themselves. Some types of behaviour can be tolerated when a person is in their 20’s, but when they’re still doing it when they’re over 50 it’s cringeworthy. And what’s even worse is when they include you in it without your permission, by saying “we”. Leave me out of it please! I have no desire to make myself look like an aging fool, thank you very much.

Most Iconic

The most iconic line in the whole Dirty Dancing movie and it should hold true for all mankind. " Nobody puts baby in a corner " Chew on that a spell.


Tall n Bald at Poirier Gym

Somebody tell me you’re single! You’re a tall, strong fellow, a regular at Poirier around 9am....

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