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It happens, right?

I haven’t had sex in over a year. It wasn’t my intention to be celibate, but it happened. I spent my early 20’s in university, working in nightclubs, partying, travelling, etc. By 25, I had slept with 300+ people. I thought I was having fun, but I had no awareness of what I was doing too. I didn’t realize I was avoiding the truth of my childhood trauma. I needed to grow up, fast. I decided to prioritize working on myself and getting healthier. Between that and running my business, it’s been a year for me.


My sister is holding our mother emotionally hostage by threatening suicide. She's been doing this for over ten years. My mother will not listen when we tell her that it is her choice to live or die and it's not her responsibility to keep her alive. She has done everything in her power to help her. She will not help herself. She is constantly conning my mother out of money. Using her credit cards, buying whatever she wants online. Before you say why haven't we called the authorities, we have. We've exhausted all options. Nothing ever helps or changes. I think the only thing that would ever get her to change is for my mother to finally stop handing her everything. She's an addict and my mom is enabling her. My mom even acknowledges this but says she won't stop because she will not take the chance of her following through with her threat. She believes that if she stops allowing her to control and abuse her, that she will follow through with her threats to kill herself. I can't stand this anymore. This sounds awful but I'm really tired of hearing about it. It's so toxic. It's literally been years of these threats and manipulation. My sister has even told me she uses it as manipulation and my mother knows she said this. I wish she would just cut the cord already and let her finally fend for herself and stop letting herself be abused. I have no one to turn to about it anymore because no one wants to hear about it. All of the positive things in my life or my problems never matter because she is always more important so I've felt invisible over the years and I resent her. I do love her and I always will but I wish she would stop this abusive behavior. It has affected the whole family. Sorry that was long. I just feel really sad. That's all. Thanks for reading

The Lifespan of a Chameleon

Five years. I am nearing the end of a life sentence I’ve served after losing my home of close to ten years. The landlord chose to evict 6 people in a 6 bedroom home, to house a young son. I dream of affording a home that can’t be taken out from under me. But then I wake up.

Daniel Day-Lewis

If for, whatever reason, I someday chance to meet Daniel Day-Lewis, I'm going to walk right up to him, shake his hand, tell him it's an honour, and say, "Sir... I LOVED you in 'Ghandi.'"

Crypto king

I was rich and just lost it all over the last 3 months. I wonder where all that money went?


Are getting COVID-19 and in some cases becoming very ill or dying. I can't say that makes me very sad. What is sad is that I've stopped feeling any sympathy for them. I'm not a monster. I'm just realistic.

Every time

I meet a new lady I eventually introduced her to my friends and she gets super fuckin weird and flirty. I’m not even sure what to do any more. I’m not a lying kind of guy but I’m at the point where It might be the best idea. Just lie and say I don’t have any friends and keep those circles separate I guess? I’m really at a loss here

No time left for you

My life has become so much better ever since I broke up with my ex girlfriend. Gone are the days of smoking, drinking and doing drugs. I lost weight and am now back to a healthy lifestyle. No more bad influences will make a monkey out of me. When you let go of your past life, you learn from it and then become a more solid human being. Haven’t looked back since.

The Weekend

A long time ago, my friend told me the weekend is from the end of work Friday 5pm to Monday morning 9am. I’ve never forgotten that and maximize my weekend right up until the minute of logging in Monday morning, my boss be damned.


Cute Guy at Vaccination Clinic

We were standing in line waiting to get our boosters and we talked about the book I was reading, ...


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