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Our World's on fire

and i'm feeling personally challenged. Yes I know there are billions and trillions of planets and galaxies in the Great Beyond, but I feel attached to our Planet Earth. Oh well, best i can do is ride it out, hope for the best, be good to myself and be good to others. And, ha ha ha be good to the down-voters.

Dancing partners

I’ve gone to a few different concerts lately and the friends I bring don’t dance! They want to take pictures and selfies to show other’s what a good time they’re having but can’t let loose and enjoy the music. Last nights show was amazing and I had a blast. Think from now on I’ll be going alone because I can find others like myself on the dance floor.

Soul family

Sometimes I feel like I receive telepathic SOS alerts from people I haven’t spoken to in a long time. I’ll have recurring dreams where we’ll be deep in conversation or hanging out quietly together in some intimate setting. If telepathy is real, I hope I’m doing an all right job at helping them through whatever they need me for.


It’s not easy to come by. People are quick to judge before they know what created the situation that someone is presently living with. I’m a person with a lot of history. I’ve had nothing, I’ve had lots, I’ve lost it all and earned it back again. I’ve had love and I’ve lost love. I’ve experienced a lot of abuse from men, both physical and mental / emotional. So don’t judge me so quickly. You think I seem harsh but the person I’m speaking to has been far harsher. That person who feigns love and affection when all they really want is to suck every last ounce of life out of you until the person they met no longer exists. Until you’ve experienced that, please be quiet.

Not as easy as it sounds

I confess that when people tell others that they should just quit their job because it’s making them unhappy, it bothers me. It’s not always so easy. Some people have employment barriers like disabilities or age that make finding a job at all much harder than it is for others. Financial realities mean that having a job is a necessity for the majority of people, so maybe instead of saying “just quit!”, they should just listen and try to be supportive. Sometimes people just need to vent and they’re not asking for advice.


I'm considering hiring a male sex worker not for the purposes of sex, but to accompany me to family weddings and/or funerals.

One of the most dire types of poverty

is social poverty, extreme isolation. If you have even just one or two good friends, you're doing well. Don't take them for granted.


What's the most beautiful, surreal, meaningful, precognitive, emotionally charged or mind-blowing dream you've ever had in your entire life, that you can remember? I'm genuinely curious, and would love to hear yours in the comments. You can even write more than one, if you feel like it. I've had a number of really interesting dreams over the years -- some downright precognitive (the dream will happen first, and then an uncannily similar or overlapping physical event will follow later that can't really be explained by 'randomness' or coincidence). A number of years ago I noticed that I tend to forget most of my dreams relatively quickly, so I started writing down all of the dreams I find meaningful enough in a dream journal. It's really helped with recalling them a lot. I really recommend keeping a dream journal and writing down any significant dreams upon waking, as for most they do tend to slip away really fast, as well as seem to have waking life parallels that are important, beneficial, and hard to ignore, if we can decipher and understand them correctly. :) PS - Please come back, super interesting confessions posters from years ago!

I confess

That I am very, very lonely

If I were to ever go missing...

It would be a challenge for any of my "loved ones" to find a current photo of me for a news article / missing poster. "Well, yeah we are friends / related I guess but we don't actually, you know, do anything together." I guess my drivers license photo would have to do.


Ocean's Door elevator ride, 2450...

Sunday morning at 1030, you got on on the 4th floor. I startled you because I was already on...

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