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I confess I haven't had my shit together for decades.. pushing away relationships and meeting people who I actually would like, and clinging onto those I don't really care for in order to get myself together... thought, never really got myself together during that time. Decades and decades and decades... now my time has passed. I just needed someone around is worse than nobody, sometimes.

Can’t wait to Leave Vancouver

I have grown up in the GVD and the people in this city are so fake. The influx of rich investors has made property unaffordable and all the best music venues are dropping like flies. So excited to ya escape what Vancouver has turned into ever since the 2010 olympics... I’ll only miss the mountains and 3 good friends.

dating apps suck

I am an older male, and have been online dating in the GVRD for about 5 years. I am not the best looking guy in the world, but I went on a date a few weeks back, and the woman I met for coffee said to me "I only met with you, to see if you truly were as ugly as your pictures" WTF.. what has happened to society, are we really this judgmental.

Not Me. US. (A love note)

I think in 2020 if two people are politically aligned, well, I mean, that's like basically 99% compatibility right there. Sure the guy might have a few factors that aren't perfect. Maybe his hair isn't exactly "lush" at the crown. Maybe he has a complete lack of career in his field. Maybe he's married to someone else. Maybe he lives in Wakanda. But I think women should look past these *trivial* things and remember what relationships are truly about: having someone else nearby who agrees with your political views as the world goes completely to shit.

Hate my Ex

And now I hate you also. How does that feel ? Wont last long. Hating is such a wasted emotion.. Chow baby


I don't understand many of the new diets such as keto, intermittent fasting, Paleo or carnivorous diet. But I respect their choice, just please stop trying to convert me. Thank you very much.

It's 10:19pm

I need to discipline myself better. I need to be sleeping by 10pm. I gotta be in bed by 9 or 9:30pm.

I'm into watching the news still

I watch it on TV, but YouTube is great because you get live streams and some of the best clips... you know who my guilty pleasure is? It's not Rex Murphy... love that guy, by the way. It's actually Tucker Carlson. A lot of the time he agrees with the left, but they do have some opposing views so it doesn't work out in the end. But he's one smart guy... he's honest and speaks his mind. Maybe the only one left to do that?

Noooo shame

I love meeting people and giving out my phone number if it feels right.

I must be getting old.

As I get older,I think my patience factor is getting thinner. It seems I would much rather go for walks,outings with my dog than most people. I get so sick and tired of all the me,me,me people. Living their whole life through FB,selfies,Instagram. It’s all they do,creep people on line non stop. I just don’t get it.


you were sitting next to me at The Pint

I was alone and you were with a friend. It’s the pint so obviously we kept knocking elbows. I...

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