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Am I ever stupid…what magical land did I think I was living in.

All the humiliation you can handle

It’s bad enough that I applied for a job at half my usual salary. After I applied, I got a request to do an automated voice interview where I speak my answers to the computer and they are recorded. It’s an HR bot. I find it repugnant to sound stoked, enthusiastic and eager, speaking to no one for a minimum wage job.

Be kind

At the gas station I saw this homeless man sitting out front ask if a woman needed help with a door as she had a baby stroller. I thought it looked like she was being rude to him possibly saying she didn't need his help before walking in but on her way out she had a huge bag of stuff for him and even went back in to buy him cigarettes after they talked for a bit. They shook hands and as she walked away he teared up. It's things like this that give me faith in humanity. Be kind to people because you never know what they're going through. Don't let cold people make you cold too. Be the light that we need in this world. Happy New year, everyone.

Holding Space

Posting here often feels like I’m sitting in a group while we each take turns sharing what’s on our minds. I cherish your thoughts, stories, frustrations, pain, loves. Each of you helps remind me that I’m human. And that I’m not alone.

Please don’t

I confess that when someone shares absolutely everything happening in their life on social media, I lose a little respect for them. Let’s face it, we all have hard times or challenges, but we don’t need to advertise every detail, do we? It’s a little cringy when an adult tells everyone each detail of their medical challenges, photos of every meal, how many kilometres they walked that day, etc. Let’s leave some things for just the ones we’re closest to, and spare the rest all the gory details. Otherwise I’m not going to follow you.

Found out

the loml & his partner broke up & it seems they might have even been sending each other nasty messages on here, based on revealing details. I'm not happy about this. I was happy for him when it seemed that he had found his happy ever after. And then they had a child so it really seemed like a happy ever after, though she was quite pregnant when they got married, so maybe it was an out-of-necessity marriage. Hopefully they can fix things. I'm not hoping for a chance with him as I feel like there is probably too much age difference between us.

I don't get it

Where does it say a man can't love two women at the same time?

The Unready

I admit while reading confessions I judge the titles. Is it unique? Does it contain an easter egg when you look it up online. How does it elevate the confession?

The 18,000 Tech Layoffs

I am pretty sure Amazon butchered Lord of the Rings and it led to this.

Don’t lie to yourself

It took me many, many years to accept this, but I finally did. No matter how much you want someone to feel about you the way you feel about them, if they’re not showing you in all of the important ways that they do, then you’re wasting your time. The people who specialize in being elusive and vague about your relationship status and their true intentions aren’t in it for love. They’re in it for themselves only, and you’re just a place for them to rest a while, before they move on. If they leave you confused and in doubt, they know it and it’s deliberate. They’re selfish and they do not have your best interests at heart. So as painful and difficult as it is to accept this reality, if you don’t then you’re in for nothing but misery. You’ll wind up older but no further ahead, and with fewer prospects than you had when you were younger.


Granville Island Public Market

You were by youself, I think. You wore light blue jeans and black shoes with tall wedge-like...

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