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What was the best decade to live life?

I think it was the 80's. Modern life has too many laws. Too many sensitive people. Cancel culture? Can't make a mistake anymore and if you do you're almost getting the death penalty. Life is ruined after you get cancelled. I can't see passed everything that has changed for the worst. Life was better back then. I miss the good ole days. Bring me back to them any time.

I'm a rebel

I don't take grocery receipts. I leave them hanging or leave before they print.


I love cameos in movies. Especially John Landis movies in the 80s. He used to put his film director buddies in his films all the time. Spies Like Us had Joel and Ethan Cohen. Also Sam Raimi, Costa Gavras, Michael Apted, Larry Cohen and Marty Brest. And Into the Night had tons of director cameos: David Cronenberg, Jonathan Demme, Jim Henson, Jonathan Lynne, Paul Bartel, Paul Mazursky, and Amy Heckerling. Speaking of Amy she put her boyfriend Martin Brest in a cameo in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Feel free to add more. Yeah I love cameos that is my confession.


If you had waited a bit longer you would have received a reply. The thing is, it no longer matters to me when folks choose to end a conversation with me. I'm not fussy about that. That's entirely up to them. It's all about setting up mutial expectations on communication with folks you have relationships with.

Keeping in touch with my family

Is always a gut wrenching experience. I've just never been good enough, cool enough, glamorous enough, accomplished enough, well traveled enough, conspicuous consumer-ed enough. At least my dog likes me for me. Thank God for dogs.

Smoking and eating

Smoking is not the greatest habit in the world, but I go through several packs in order to help me digest my food. Not sure what else to say, but that’s pretty much the gist of it.

Modern retirement planning

It is almost impossible to retire with a middle class income. I say almost because I did visualize myself doing so. I'm lucky in several respects: my family isn't overly dysfunctional, I graduated university in the years before the cost sky-rocketed, I choose a career that has always been in demand and pays well, what few relationships I have had all ended relatively cleanly (no kids, no alimony), and I've lived a spartan life. There was that possibility, I thought, that with another decade, I'd be able to actually retire. But I recently realized that I don't have the skills to do what I have done for over 25 years now. I am unmarketable. My next career move will be involuntary retirement. And I am suddenly facing the reality that many people younger than me see as normal - working your whole life will not get you enough money to retire. So I am turning to the last financial saviour of the modern middle class - crypto and day-trading. Yes, gambling. You might lose it all and end up on the street but that is just hastening the inevitable. On the other hand, you might get lucky and dectuple (or more) your money. It's really the only viable option these days.

Give me all the shorter guys that you don't want

I fantasize about my smoking hot married 5'6" boss because my boyfriend's size makes some positions painful or impossible...let's just say his middle circumference is in the "danger zone" on any health chart. Men, don't worry about that arbitrary 6' limit you encounter in the minefield of online dating. I would have gotten together with a shorter guy but I never met a non-married one who likes me as a person. (Married ones, though...oh boy, they follow me around like I'm leading them on a great when they're around me they're just....happy....) Ladies, you don't know what you're missing.


Gorgeous, athletic out grocery shopping

Ok I’ve never done this before so throwing out a massive flyer here! Just saw you out shopping in...


Savage Love: Husband’s desire for FinDom abuse confuses wife

He's dominant with her but sends thousands of dollars to a dominatrix.

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