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With more time to think these days, I came to the realization that I’ve spent way too many years pining after this person or another, heartbroken over this person or another. It seemed “special” every time, but in truth I mostly just very badly wanted to be validated as “wanted” by anyone half-decent. I overlooked red flags, compromised my values, and clung onto relationships way past their expiration dates. This is something I’m determined to finally work through now. Sending love to anyone else struggling with low self-worth and anxious attachment.


Believe it or not, but the one bit that always gives me the most trouble is trimming my toenails. It usually takes such awkward positioning to get the clippers where I want them, especially for my right pinky toe. Now I get why less flexible and/or older folks need help with this.

Mother's Day

After learning the extent of my mother's financial abuse of me I am finding Mother's Day ads to be upsetting. I know I am in the minority of those who have/had a shitty mother and I'm not ragging on moms out there. I just feel terrible that mine meant the world to me and she betrayed my trust. Yes, there is a court case to seek restitution. Unfortunately the justice system isn't so much about justice, it's about forcing negotiation with those that hurt you in more than one way.

Kimmy's Convenience

I knew a girl. She worked in a bar. I told her one night that I loved her. She snapped back "is that what you told -----?" She shut me down because she thought I was a playboy. It's true that I had had feelings for----- but I actually never told her. After she said that I was really stung and never tried with her again. Many years later I still dream about her. Christ does that ever hurt! All this time and I've still never felt like that about anyone. The lesson has no endeth


So far I've grown a one week beard. There's a substantial amount after one week. I've only ever grown a two week beard.

Words to remember and live by....I do

Beer before liquor, never been sicker Liquor before beer, have no fear Whiskey is risky but it makes the ladies frisky Don't be dumb and mix wine and rum

Clipless pedals and decked out in spandex

... It's sort of annoying how they will try to pass you when cycling... and then run out of steam and slow down... It is as if they want you to stare at their ass or something... I don't wear spandex while cycling, or have clipless pedals. I have a pretty shitty bike compared to these cycle idiots who have money. Once they pass me, I decide to crush them on some hills. Uphill and downhill. I wish they'd just let me enjoy my day without cutting me off and then going slow as fudge. I hate spandex cyclists because of their cycle etiquette!

What was the best decade to live life?

I think it was the 80's. Modern life has too many laws. Too many sensitive people. Cancel culture? Can't make a mistake anymore and if you do you're almost getting the death penalty. Life is ruined after you get cancelled. I can't see passed everything that has changed for the worst. Life was better back then. I miss the good ole days. Bring me back to them any time.

I'm a rebel

I don't take grocery receipts. I leave them hanging or leave before they print.


Amanda from Saskatoon and Victoria, now of...

I checked on you to make sure you were OK, after seeing you walking on the train tracks in East...


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