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It’s a kick to be back

After being laid off for over a year, I’ve been recalled back to work and will start this week. My job involves municipal government. I won’t tell you exactly where, but let’s just say that the future lives here. It’ll be nice to get back into the swing of things. And no, I honestly don’t care what type of police force we end up with. I’m just glad to have my job back.

Gettin older

Well, now I have that ‘old man smell’ for as young as I am...sub 40. The pleasing part is that it doesn’t smell bad :)

Young Love

Thirty years ago on this weekend, I left home for college. My highschool sweetheart and I had a drunken quickie in the bathroom during my going away party. She never told me for a long time, but she had gotten pregnant and miscarried. I feel so badly for what she must have gone through alone because of that accident, poor girl was so young at the time.

Broke Again.

One of my unforeseen stress responses is to literally light money on fire. 400$ last weekend was dedicated to paying the casino for instance, and disappeared almost with contempt. I make an OK wage, and could get by saving, and tucking money away, and work on being debt free. It would be nice to no longer be indentured. But for some reason, I actively get rid of it, as soon as I get it. I’m not naive enough to think I just hate money anymore. I would love some for actual goals. However I do sort of hate it, or am scared of its effects on people. I’ve been on the parameter of life of some very well off people at times, and I’ve …seen things I really disliked. I just wish I wouldn’t instinctively burn all my money as soon as I get stressed out or run down.

My brother

My brother is antivaxx and he lives with his old parents.

endeared by a cute customer

who i doubt i'll make a move on if an appropriate time ever arises but he's been so sweet and i just appreciate that gentle almost flirtation but not quite interaction, on the daily. the mutual lingering, the quaint cheeriness, and the finding excuses to prolong small talk. i'm not ready to get back into dating quite yet, i'm weary for it after having dated someone who never sought romance, but these pleasant interactions have reminded me that there are lovely intriguing folks out there who might want me too. sometimes that's all you need, those gentle minute flirtations.

Schrödinger's Tinder

I read a missed connection that said "I can't contact you directly; find me on Tinder!" or something to that effect. Only I would never respect a missed connection enough for them to be a missed connection if they were on Tinder.


Now that passports will be required for all events, I’ll be saving all my cash and chilling at the beach or riding bikes or maybe hiking mountains. I’m happy I saw the places I wanted to before this new world.

social media

I just make posts to seek validation for my selfish behavior



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