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I use to confess here, it was the biggest mistake .

Of my life it never really helped a side from hope when I knew she had written what I was reading. I still love her yes this true. But I love another now also and she is much mature but I wonder if we would have the powerful connection the previous and I had? I would not be able to be with someone who outlaw or forbid me to have platonic contact and if it was a problem other wise I would tell the wife/Gf the true and I would not keep her past tucked away. But I am in love twice here and I feel so awful why???

Damned evangelicals

Drove home yesterday to find one of the four stop intersections in our neighbourhood was loaded with evangelical people on all four corners with pre-made signs about Jesus Saves and other ridiculous sayings trying to convert people to their religion. First off they were a dangerous distraction to drivers, secondly, you don't convert people that way (the vast majority will never be change nor do they want to) and lastly why are they so arrogant as to think their 'street ministry' will get them more members and extra points with their 'saviour' or church?? Soooo stupid. What if atheists or satanists tried the same thing to convert THEM to another way of thinking? wow. SO offensive. We don't need our souls saved!! It's ok to be Christian but for heaven's sake?! or for Christ's sake (ironic)?! STOP!!! Put your useless and obnoxious efforts into something more productive - like volunteering for a food bank or raising money for the homeless. Quit trying to impose your beliefs on others!!!

Indoor Outdoor Meows

Last week I stayed in an Airbnb with a porch, and a street car was sleeping on the chair out there. I opened the door and got to have a little furry friend tiptoeing around. Best feeling ever!

Old enough

I’m old enough to see patterns in how rich people have manipulated society for their own benefits. Sure taking care of the environment is important, but typically there is some making money from working the population into a lather.

Burnt Out

I am completely burnt out and have this total dissociation from people now cause they hurt me to deal with. Just riding out my life.

Office people

I started a new job. It has been gruelling to say the least: endless tasks, interruptions, competing demands, etc. A coworker, who I never talk to beyond “Good morning”, cornered me at lunch and said “I think you’re looking for a new job. I think you’re gonna quit.” It came out of left field and I responded, “Why are you so interested in my life?” I am wondering if they will try to get me fired or something. I honestly don’t understand office workers, if they are so completely bored as to conjur up imaginary things that their colleagues might do.

With the Fish

I want to give my wrists gills And exhale

Romantic and Creepy

I'm infatuated, yes. She's off to some isolated artistic hermitage soon for a month...and there's an extra spot available. I could apply. I'm not going to. At first in my head it was all romantic and perfect and animated butterflies and songbirds, we'll be together at the edge of the world, we'll reconnect, I'll get it right this time, but I'm worried she reacts more like Shelley Duvall in The Shining.

Uh oh.

I have always been kind of a drifter through life, no clear goals or ambitions, a recent wake up call happened when I learned the job I had for 15 years may be ending soon and I have been sending out resumes. I am in my 50s so the prospect of looking for new work is bad enough but I have come to the realization that I have no "hard" skills. I don't speak another language, don't know how to touch type, can't computer code, have the barest understanding of MS Office and Excel, only vaguely know a few computer programs all of them art related. Back when I was in my 30s friends, who's career paths weren't working out went back to school and learned different skill sets. Since it took until my 40s to pay off my student loans, the idea of going into debt again filled me with dread. On top of that, I'm terrible at networking and I don't play well with others. So yeah, I'm screwed. I'm a few credits away from a BFA, I'm thinking dipping into my savings and going back to school so I can say I accomplished something. however minor. Heed these words people in your 30s and 40s, it's not too late to change paths if things aren't working out for you, don't paint yourself into a corner like I did.


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