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how can i be so stupid??

I met and moved in with a dude, fast. spent all my savings on him and starting our life together. over $100,000.00. Went in DEBT for a further $20,000.00 for him. we are still together, broke, and somehow, he blames me, takes no responsibility, leaves me to deal with all the work of living, grocery shopping - cleaning - food prep and meal stuff. I cleared all his debt, now he in debt again, my fault too. I have not been this broke in 30 yrs, i cannot even afford to leave if i wanted to. i cannot talk to him without upsetting him, when he drinks he is mean to me, and only me it seems. and i am such a loser that i love him, but i am so so tired. all i do is wonder what is so wrong with me? i am an idiot, i regret so much, but now i am stuck. and it is only my fault. i cannot recover financially now, and if i leave him, no one wants me, and i really can't date again. i make bad choices and cannot be trusted. so i stay, i deserve this, and him snapping so much at me. i deserve to be broke and alone but married and cleaning up after him.

Silver Heels

When it comes to Fleetwood Mac, I’m not gonna lie. I never liked Stevie Nicks. Her songs just don’t do it for me. Call me an old bluesman, but I’ve always preferred the band in the early days when Bob Welch was their lead guitarist and wrote tons of amazing songs like Emerald Eyes, Hypnotized, Angel and Silver Heels. Bob was an underrated guitarist who never got the appreciation that he truly deserved.


I used to dream of someone because I thought things would work out between us. It's been so long I know it won't happen, but they are still there every night haunting me. What's the point brain???

I hate renting in BC

Why is it so hard for people to reply to your message when looking for rent? I mean if they can read the message why can't they quickly reply. It's so frustrating, emailing / texting / messaging. AHHHHHHHHH

So tired

I’m tired of fighting. I’ve been doing it for my whole life. Fighting for my rights to be free from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Fighting to be brave, fighting depression and anxiety brought on by multiple traumas. I don’t want to have to be called a survivor, resilient, or tough. I just want to exist lightly. Without feeling this constant weight of all of the crises I’ve endured for almost 70 years. I don’t always feel strong even though I know I am. I just wish that I could lay my head down at night and relax into a peaceful sleep without having to battle to keep the intrusive memories and thoughts away. This is my wish. But I’ll still get up, put a smile on my old face, and get going with my day with a positive and hopefully optimistic mindset that I will be okay and things will happen as they’re meant to and I’ll deal with them as they occur. Deep breath.

Get me out of here

What is the point of mask mandates at offices if you're allowed to remove your mask at your desk? Does the virus choose not to spread once this happens?? Does it magically behave differently? We're all coming back to the office in the middle of another wave no wonder everyone wants to go remote

What's with people?

I went out to a restaurant with a friend on the weekend. I choose to continue to wear a mask in spite of the relaxing of restrictions. My friend was bothered by this, they kept bringing up how they are tired of masks and don't feel the need to wear one anymore. Which is fine, if that's what you want to do, it's not what I want to do, at least not right now. The thing that gets me is they were soooo uptight about masks, hand sanitizing and social distancing during the height of the covid crisis. I would get yelled at when I got too close when we were walking together outdoors. What's with that? obsessive rule following? Weird complacency? I still feel nervous about not masking around groups of people, also I liked not getting sick once, with anything, in the last 2 years, I want to keep that trend going, so I mask.

Just great

I'm finding it interesting that the woman's organization I am with seems to be going out of their way to do anything but not help. Giving me outdated information or not contacting other organizations that could possibly help or providing me with the tools necessary to find a place to live, holding out on important information that could of helped me months ago and I have been trying so hard on my own to find a place but my credentials are not good enough for this city and soon I will be living in the the streets with my two children. I have been contacting so many places myself but no one ever calls me back or I need a referral from the woman's organization to apply for these housing places. Why are they hanging me out to dry ? I get the feeling I have been either blackballed or there are to many needy people to help and I have been forgotten about within the organization. You know I feel bad enough even asking for help cause I usually take care of things on my own but it appears I am in a dead end situation here in Vancouver and I really need some help ! Dead End :(

I had a great night

I'm a 67 year old hairy dude whose wife left 2 years ago after being married for 21 years....I went to a bar downtown last night, met this gorgeous 24 year old blond slim women who BOUGHT ME drinks.....we went back to my place....& had great she isn't a sex worker, she's a receptionist at a dental office..... we're going to go out tonight too, to see a movie them hang out at English Bay....oh she knows I'm 67 & she doesn't care she said...,. damn life is good.

So rare these days

I found ten bucks on the sidewalk today. It made my day and I was all smiles from then on out. A bit of luck. I hope you get some too ;)


Single mum flying from San Fran for Van

You sat across the aisle and helped me pick things up BC my baby was all over the place. You...


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