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I finally realized why I've been depressed and haven't felt great about myself lately. All I do is consume things that other people produce. I don't create anything, I just consume what others have created. I guess that would do it.

Don't make assumptions about me

Yeah i was walking home here in North Van on Lonsdale & a male/female couple were walking towards my way & they were obviously having a good day with each other when the guy says to the woman he was with (& they saw me walking not doing anything creepy) "watch out for this guy" (by the way I was no where near them) I knew he was referring to me too......fuck that couple.....& fuck my already crappy life I already have.....I guess on my days off I'll have to stay in except for grocery shopping, since I'm seen as a creep by strangers.

Shocked and saddened

I recently learned that a close family member who I thought loved and respected me does not. During some family drama regarding someone else in our family, they let their true feelings about me be known. I learned that they have serious contempt for me and feel very superior, and that this has been their true feelings forever. I’m not allowing their opinion to make me feel badly about myself though, because I’m confident that I’m worthy of love and respect. But this new knowledge has irreparably damaged our relationship, and that makes me very sad indeed.

Thank you to my cat, Negi.

I want to give a big thank you to my cat Negi. This fabulous cat has helped my friends and family during Covid, soothed panic attacks, anxieties, broken hearts, IT tech support... and most of all, helping me stay "calm" while I maneuver and prepare for my hospice care and eventual death from breast cancer (stage IV). I am truly lucky to have this cool cat (and neighbourhood dogs) in my life.


I have not been on my own in a very long time and its scary and I'm having a bit of trouble taking the next step. What is the next step ? That's all.


I confess that I am a woman who likes to eat. Every time I go out for a bite with a girlfriend, first they'll tell me how hungry they are, then, when they get their food, will take two dainty bites and get the rest to go. Meanwhile, I scarf down my food and finish my plate. I've gone to restaurants where I'd just be starting my meal and the waitstaff will come over and ask if I was done and wanted it wrapped to go, it's weird. I don't know if women are conditioned to act this way, like they can't wait to get home and finish their meal away from judgy eyes. Screw what people think, life is short, get whatever pleasure you can out of it. (And yes, I know it's covid, only with people in my bubble and outdoor patios if possible)

Pipe down

I can’t stand when someone tells you what a great singer they are. If you really were, people would let you know. Other than your parents , or people that wanna sleep with you.


After nearly 18 years service, my "family oriented employer" gifted me with a lifetime disability and tossed me into the street. No support-nothing. At least I was able to afford a wheel chair. Yeah, real heroes aren't you!

Not Gonna Lie

I wait until downpour and drive to let rain wash my car instead of paying for car wash. My frugal ways is even annoying to me sometimes. Its how I roll

Book by its cover

My 2 favourite bands have my least favourite album art.


Recycling depot New West

I came in quickly to drop off two bags of recycling at the express, You were in work gear sorting...


Savage Love: Partner might be exploiting past cheating to exert more control

Dan says tells a letter writer that he made a mistake by telling his girlfriend about a previous affair.

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