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River runs through me

I confess I'm desperately lonely even though I'm surrounded by people. Is this truly common in Vancouver and if so, how have you combatted it? I have coworkers, a family, a church community, kind neighbours and people I think of as acquaintances, but the reality is I don't feel much of a connection with any of them. What's wrong with me? I long for meaningful friendships with all of my heart.

You played the field including me

I saw it. We all knew it. I heard it on the beach. You came by my place after seeing her. If that is polyamory. Keep It. I'm infinitely more happy without your dirty d

Nowhere safe

I entertained the idea of getting a place in northern BC to flee climate change. Boy, was I wrong: Fort St John entirely under wildfire evacuation alert. In May, not even June or July (summer). All those beautiful places like Penticton, Kamloops covered in smoke now, again in May. Doesn’t feel like escaping now is possible.

Religion boom boom

Religion is like social media.... about exploiting your emotions and all about control and controlling your emotions and actions and basically wil lose the will to think for yourself.

Tik tik tik tok

Montana recently "banned" tik tok in that state...I think the governer there banned it or made it illegal was to make himself a firm strong get things done guy simply whomhas high political ambitions, tik tok is not dangerous it's just a stupid social media platform that gets people glued to to their phones with the illusion that they will get unlimited views and likes....going back to that tik tok ban in Montana, why stop there? Facebook Instagram Twitter etc all keep tabs on your actions & locations, they get you riled up about stuff and to control your feelings and lower your self esteem if you don't get followers and likes and even Google tries to get you to subscribe and download their apps and use your credit card to get their paid apps like YouTube Premium.

Happy Birthday Flaky!

You confessed your dismay within this forum over no one remembering your birthday last year, and I wasn't going to let that happen again. So I hope that you have a great one, Flaky!


I suffer from erectile dysfunction. I was with a woman today and I couldn't orgasm. That didn't stop me from giving her 15 orgasms over a 2 hour period. I used to be embarrassed by my ED but now I am not.


As a friend, I don't know what my responsibility is to you. I want to see you grow, change, move past the pain and trauma of the past. But you don't want to do that. You want to stay stuck and hurt. Possibly for the rest of your life. I can't change you and yet I can't walk away. I hate seeing you like this and don't know what's next for our friendship.

If I was in your situation I'd probably do it to

But the stories you're spreading in support of your buddy are lies and there, of course, is always another side of the story. Jsyk, I hated him as soon as he dismissed a native mother and happy little daughter like they were garbage one day. I definitely spoke up. I don't dig racists. Sorry, not sorry. Ps, get a brain dude.

Is a small penis a dealbreaker?

I have a small penis. Very small. My girlfriend agrees it is small but says she can get over it. So here is what I want to know: is she lying? Any women who want to comment on this please do - if you met a guy you like and then discovered he was very small down there, would you break up with him? Would you be upset and disappointed?


a long time ago

We met at Trinity B.C. you asked me a question about forgiveness and I gave you an answer which...

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