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Are tattoos for losers?

It used to be that displaying a tattoo meant that you were somehow a creative, interesting and countercultural individual. I never thought this but that was the idea. Now, every Tom Dick and Harry has a tattoo. It just makes you look like a conformist, weak and easy to manipulate individual. A person with zero creativity. It makes you look like a loser. I am so glad I never got one.

At the very least

You could have made light of your stupid statement about speaking her language. She, of course immediately spoke it to you as any rational people would expect. Obviously not you. So you just stared blankly, and continued on speaking English. I, being of much higher intelligence than you, would never have ever said something so stupid and easy to disprove. Then again I don't lie or make up random bullshit and treat it as fact like you do all the time. I would have suggested saying, "Si, correcto." Like BP in IG. Your brain is not fast enough. You know it. It's embarrassing to me.


I work for a food establishment and part of my job is digital marketing. I have to admit that all the Tik Toks and IG Reels of people eating, stuffing their faces, instantaneously makes me want to barf. It’s some full-body revulsion or phobia. Or maybe it’s just performative gluttony. Either way, it’s really hard to look at, and I have to click away fast before I throw up on my shoes.

I once dated a woman who was Wiccan.

I once dated a woman who was Wiccan. She liked me, but I was afraid of her. I told her that I did not want to see her anymore, and she became enraged. I have no problem with what she wants to believe. That is her right, of course. But she scared me.

Kryptonite for men

If you want to see an obnoxious and obviously fragile man lose his shit: ignore them and ignore their ‘advice’. When faced with someone who doesnt care what they say or even worse: someone who disagrees with them, they will melt like snowflakes and lose it. LOLOLOLOL. ITS REALLY FUN TRY IT!!!!! This works best against guys who fancy themselves as ‘edgy’ or ‘based’. These guys think very highly of themselves and think they are a gods gift to the world. In other words: losers.

Calling out a liar

I so want to tell this guy that I know he’s intentionally trying to mislead me. I have proof. But I won’t do that because it’s too much fun letting him dig himself into an even bigger hole. On the other hand I feel like a fool for allowing myself to give him another chance. Good thing I’m not too invested this time because the smart part of me knew it was just a matter of time before those true colours showed up again. He just can’t help himself.

Filtering the non-sense

Any time there is a government push for me to read particular "news" articles that are basically a moral agenda pushed by the government while it trashes religion and culture, I just change the channel. It's that simple.

I use to confess here, it was the biggest mistake .

Of my life it never really helped a side from hope when I knew she had written what I was reading. I still love her yes this true. But I love another now also and she is much mature but I wonder if we would have the powerful connection the previous and I had? I would not be able to be with someone who outlaw or forbid me to have platonic contact and if it was a problem other wise I would tell the wife/Gf the true and I would not keep her past tucked away. But I am in love twice here and I feel so awful why???

Damned evangelicals

Drove home yesterday to find one of the four stop intersections in our neighbourhood was loaded with evangelical people on all four corners with pre-made signs about Jesus Saves and other ridiculous sayings trying to convert people to their religion. First off they were a dangerous distraction to drivers, secondly, you don't convert people that way (the vast majority will never be change nor do they want to) and lastly why are they so arrogant as to think their 'street ministry' will get them more members and extra points with their 'saviour' or church?? Soooo stupid. What if atheists or satanists tried the same thing to convert THEM to another way of thinking? wow. SO offensive. We don't need our souls saved!! It's ok to be Christian but for heaven's sake?! or for Christ's sake (ironic)?! STOP!!! Put your useless and obnoxious efforts into something more productive - like volunteering for a food bank or raising money for the homeless. Quit trying to impose your beliefs on others!!!

Indoor Outdoor Meows

Last week I stayed in an Airbnb with a porch, and a street car was sleeping on the chair out there. I opened the door and got to have a little furry friend tiptoeing around. Best feeling ever!


Riding bikes down Great Northern Way

We were riding down Great Northern Way. At the stops, we commented on each others e-bikes. I...

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