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Words matter.

I guess this could be said for many things post pandemic, but as a hardcore cinephile I really wonder who reviews and movie news is for anymore. As someone who has gone to the theatre since the moment they opened in 2021 I have seen darn near most films, and many streams. Reading online about the industry seems most stuff is wrong and personal opinion of people who adapted to today. Movies that get high reviews seem to always bomb now, and movies that blogs trash seem to do really well. People get paid for their online movie opinions, but I have consistently read things that are not right. I am glad though, because the doom that these paid cinephile people write would mean theatre's and politically incorrect movies would not exist anymore. Words matter though. If you are wrong 3-4 years in a row with every opinion and article on your subject matter... maybe try something new. Theatre experience since spring break of this year has been amazing and a return to normal.


For money. I need money. Money needs me. We need to keep buying stuff. Keep the economy strong. Advertisements are good. Marketing is the best. Invest in me. Invest in my company. Gut sovereignty. Free trade. Restrict culture. Exploit people. Plunder resources. Go to therapy. Heal thyself. Pay therapist. Therapist needs money. Money needs therapy.

I confess…

Although I always thought I was first string… I’m starting to realize I’m not and never was. I feel like I’m a resting spot, so you can power up to continue with your real family… as they are all you care about. Too bad you don’t recognize the love around you… next life…

I’m a 40 year old

woman who’s never been married or had kids, and I look at the state of the world and I don’t want any!! I mean, it literally seems like we humans are a virus that the Earth is trying to shake off!! I have friends getting pregnant lately, one of whom is 46 and has been trying for a long time, and honestly it all just makes me cringe! I like kids a lot but in my mind that’s even more reason not to bring them into this insane world. If I’d met the right person in my 20’s sure I might have thought differently but after going through Covid and all these fires and migration crises happening globally every single day, etc., what would be the point when every single climate scientist clearly has stated things are only going to get much worse?? Are people totally insane? Is procreation a form of denial? Everyone I know who has kids seems to have done it for their own personal reasons and hasn’t even thought much about all this. Maybe I’m the crazy one??!

Pro-climbers at the gym

I don't care if you are better than me and need to train to do your 5.14b or whatever. I paid to get in there and train as well. It would be nice to use the wall! *grrrrr* I hope we diversify this sport a little bit more so it's not all young chachkie pro-climbers.


Isn't it scary that people cannot buy their first home? Well, it is even scarier if you did, and you might lose it.

Yellow-brown-orange skies

When daylight in Vancouver gets that weird tint of yellow-brown-orange, I feel off-kilter, knocked off balance. My relative died of lung cancer, even though he was not a smoker, and my other relative got nasal cancer, both living in one of the most polluted cities in the world. It might be painless, but dirty air can and will destroy your body. Hiding indoors for a while…


Ocean's Door elevator ride, 2450...

Sunday morning at 1030, you got on on the 4th floor. I startled you because I was already on...

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