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I miss my best friend

We were friends almost 20 years ,or so I thought. Things kinda got a little complicated. Now we don't talk at all. Partially my fault I did say I had enough and was walking away but I didn't really mean it. I was upset because it felt like he was leaving me behind and honestly never cared at all and it hurt. I doubt he will ever see this or care but I love and miss him dearly. And not having my best friend is honestly killing me.

Would you do it?

If you knew for sure that the person you were with was only with you because they couldn’t be with the person they really wanted to be with, would you still do it? Like if you were in love with them and you really wanted to be with them? My friend is in this situation and she’s basically trying to ignore the obvious (at least to the rest of us) and we hate watching her do this. She’s so in love and it’s like she’s just pretending that it’s normal when we all know he’s only with her because the woman he wanted he can’t have. I tried to talk to her about it and she just said she doesn’t care because all that matters is being with him and she thinks in time he’s going to fall in love with her and forget about the other woman. I don’t think i could do it because I would always know I was the runner up. I want to be someone’s first choice.

Pixie Cut

Whenever my girlfriends cut their long hair off, i was less attracted to them. This is something I've never said to anyone.

Should I tell her?

I’m truly conflicted about whether or not to let this woman know that the guy she’s been having an on again off again relationship with has been trying to get back with me at the same time as he’s been playing her. She thinks she’s going to be with him forever, but he only started seeing her again because I dumped him. Since then we’ve talked a few times and I know that if I told him that I wanted to get back together he would come, because that’s how it is. We have a connection that defies logic, and have since the day we met. I know he uses her and I feel sorry for her but at the same time I’m not that person who interferes in other people’s relationships, so I’m really unsure about whether or not to tell her what’s been going on.

crazy carbon capture

read an article this morning that says some idiots are considering carbon capture technology under the city of vancouver. first off and i'm no physics major we are living in an active earthquake zone. secondly, you can't inject stuff back into the earth that wasn't there in the first place and expect it to stay put. thirdly, let's just stop creating massive amounts of carbon in the first place!!

Is this deliberate?

I feel like I’m losing my mind. So…at my work there’s a guy who’s supposed to be my assistant. The theory is that he takes instruction from me except when it’s something that’s specifically his responsibility. But lately he’s been doing things without me asking him to, and often without him even saying he’s going to do it. The result has been several times when I’ve either already done the thing and then he does it too, which confuses the client, or he decides to do the thing before I get a chance to do it, without asking me first if I want him to. So then I spend my time doing the thing, only to learn from the supplier or the client that my assistant has already done it. It’s a total waste of efforts and causes confusion for everyone. When I try to talk to him about it he acts like he just thought it was his job, but there’s no reason why he should think that because it’s never been his job before. Wtf. I feel like he’s trying to make me look bad or himself look good, but instead he’s just causing a problem.

Think about it

I want to send out a strong message to some ignoramuses that gossip about my best friend by throwing false accusations at him. All they do is whine about how he messaged them on Facebook messenger and told them what he really thinks of them. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart… You guys are all a bunch of idiots. You gave him valid reasons to lash out. He’s lived a very hard life. You nor anyone else know his situation. He has his own problems. Try putting yourself in his shoes and ask yourselves how you would feel if you were in his place. Then again, your narcissism knows no bounds. Your parents clearly didn’t bring you people up right, which is why you’re all so self entitled. For the record, my friend is doing just fine. He has come so far since then. He’s happy, healthy, safe and comfortable in his own skin. Leave the guy alone.

We need to talk about your lack of self-esteem.

Look, I understand your business is your business. I understand your childhood was seriously messed up and you're struggling with the fallout. But your low opinion of yourself, your lack of self-esteem or self-confidence does NOT give you the right to subtly criticize, nitpick, gaslight and generally make others feel less than.

I don't know if this is crazy or commonplace or what but

In order to cope better with my saddening, dysfunctional family over the holidays, I make a box for myself filled with my favourite foods like almonds, dried fruit, potato chips. It sits on my kitchen counter unopened and it's waiting for me when I return. It makes me feel safe knowing it's there. After the holidays are over, I'm allowed to treat myself to what's inside.

Life is pain.

But pain makes it worth it when you overcome. Been 5 years since I sent I've had a drink. Coincidentally been 5 years since my ex has had to deal with any drunken texts or emails.


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