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There will always be Haters

The secret to haters is knowing that the person they really hate the most is themselves. Never let anyone trample your soul or your inner beauty, never let anyone make you feel less than< Keep on Loving ! Why? Cause haters will always keep on hating looking for fuel for their fire until they learn to love themselves and open their hearts to others without fear of rejection. We are all one in this world:) Spread the word.

Old building noises

Sometimes I wonder if the person who thinks it’s necessary to take a shower every morning at 5:30 am realizes that the entire building has to listen to the din from the pipes. It’s so loud that it actually wakes me up. It’s a really small building so I know it’s not just me that has to listen to it. How dirty does someone have to be to require a shower just because they slept? Couldn’t they just wash pits and groin?

The people

who watch you looking at art in art galleries. Sometimes they come right up and stare at you, or follow you around like they think maybe you’re about to vandalize a masterpiece or try to steal one. I wonder about them and I find them interesting, almost like they’re art too.

It creeps me out when this happens

Every time a comedian gets cancelled, part of me dies inside. I moved away from a country like this when things went to the next level. Younger people here have no clue. I don't know what's happening here.

My chances of being young with a partner are gone...

I feel like I messed up my chance at a love life in my 20s by attempting to live in Vancouver, because dating is next to impossible there. Time shot by and I was forced to leave at 29, then all of a sudden in the blink of an eye I'm now 35! How did I mess this up.

Mystified by my fellow Canadians

How can the morality of the country have changed so radically. I do not understand it. So many people think that fraud is all right? It was reported in a story published on the CTV News website on February 24, 2023: "Nearly half of Canadians say they think mortgage fraud is common in Canada, while a sizeable portion think it’s acceptable to inflate income or misrepresent your employment to secure a mortgage. Those were the findings of the latest BNN Bloomberg and RATESDOTCA survey, conducted by Leger. The survey was sent out to respondents in mid-February, and surveyed 1,521 Canadian over the age of 18. Mortgage fraud can take several forms — this includes falsifying income, lying about a part-time or contract role, being full time or misrepresenting the source of your down payment, among other lies or omissions. The survey found that while 70 per cent of Canadians say artificially inflating one’s income on a mortgage is never acceptable, 17 per cent of respondents said it is".

I am a horrible person

I report my neighbours to the city who don’t shovel their sidewalk.


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