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Healthier eating - fresh farm food priorities

It's much healthier to have fresh organic produce. Our health would be much better if we all ate organic. I am now raising chickens in Vancouver to eat them. Fresh fried organic chicken tastes amazing and you're not putting all of those chemicals in your body. Anyone with a garden in Vancouver should try it.


The wildfires on Maui have pushed me to make a critical decision: I am resigning from my well paying job on Monday. Life is short, beauty is short, I can’t stall my life any longer. My well paying, shitty job is a complete waste of my time. I will die one day. I could die soon. Why torture myself another day with a dismissive, cold, exploitative boss and workplace? Hawaii is my favourite place in the whole world. To see it turn to ash in one day is a massive wake up call to me, to pursue what I really want and not waste my life on people who are in my way of enlightenment.

Love is not enough

You can love someone but still leave them. It’s nice to think that love solves everything, but that’s only true if both people are mature enough for the reality of an adult relationship. There’s a part of me that will always love them, but I finally learned to love myself enough to realize that I deserve more than crumbs.

I will never know

I can't comprehend the pain and discomfort I must have caused you by being so self-absorbed. I understand and accept that forgiveness will never be on the table. I will do my best to ensure you are not haunted by memories my presence may induce. I have long admired your strength and realize I need to take a page from that book. I am truly sorry that what I did hurt you so much that it severed the friendship we had. I wish you well.

Growing up and looking forward to the future

It makes me mad that I am going to be royally screwed, unable to afford a house, friends dying of drug overdoses, and being unable to afford a retirement, while our precious Trudeau is pampered and licked by society.

Nut cancer

I thought I had it but I went to the doctor and got an ultrasound and I don't! It's a huge relief and I have nobody to tell because I wouldn't let anybody in on my secret. I DON'T HAVE NUT CANCER! P.S. If you're scared of going to the doctor, don't be like me. I put it off for far too long and if it actually WAS cancer I'd be screwed. My worst fear was that the ultrasound tech would be an attractive woman around my age and she was exactly that. But she was a pro.

You know

I had ALWAYS believed in the our love. I thought there was NOTHING more powerful in this Universe.

Bus Kids

So it's well after midnight on an East Van bus. Two kids, both in army jackets, one asleep, the other staring. The mother, young and beautiful with hoop earrings, staring into space. In eight stops I witnessed, she did not look at her kids once. Zero attention. I've been around parents and children so long to know this was not normal, and it wasn't drugs: it was something situational. I'll always wonder: what was going on in that family to make the mother so distanced that she paid no attention whatsoever to her children for so long.

We are part of a nightmare age

When you realize that consumerism and power driven through capitalism runs the world and people are powerless to fight the desire to consume. I wish someone could come save us from them... except communisms. Those are even worse because you get nothing from trying... and not being able to try in life is meaningless. We need something in between.


I wish I knew what to say to you. There’s a frog in my throat and the words won’t come out. I feel you’ll reject me either way, say ‘good for you but you’re not for me’. I wish I was for someone that I wished for like you. But it’s all wasted pennies in the bottom of a park fountain. Shiny worthless possibilities conducting the electricity I feel with you. But you’ll invest in someone with more worth, greater drive and mind.


Seventh and Sixth Floor VPL Central

Suffering in a boring Zoom class, I looked down from the 7th floor collections room of the...

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