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And controversial, but given the current over population of Canada Geese, I think we could permit a small number of these birds to be hunted for food for charity meals as part of a social program benefitting folks in need.


Age definitely gives you perspective of things that you remember. You see things more clearly as you look back on them with the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained over the years. I was remembering this girl I worked with when I was 18, about 50 years ago. She was only 15, and she was living with a much older man, (like about 35). At the time we thought she was really cool, but now I realize that she was being taken advantage of by the guy. I had left home at 16 and I thought I knew everything there was to know and that I was just as smart and capable as any adult. How wrong I was! Young people may have the basic intelligence, but they lack the experience that provides wisdom. So they are convinced that older people have nothing to offer them and they ignore advice. Just like us older people did they will have to learn by living. One of the most important things I’ve learned is just how much I don’t know, and how much I still have to learn about life. Being open to taking advice from people who have lived longer than me is still not always easy and I have to remind myself at times to shut up and listen. I guess that’s the wisdom part.

I hate a toaster

A loved one bought a toaster on Amazon. It was $89.99. It is a cheap flimsy POS and gets very hot. The brand is Cusimax (knock off of Cuisipro). It stinks of burning cheap metal and the fumes do the following to me: Swollen lymph glands and breasts Burning eyes, nose, throat and lungs Clumsiness and confusion Angina This is just from the stupid thing sitting on a counter! It's even worse intensity when on. I explained fire risk, health issues, etc. They won't return it. They like their cheaply made POS slavery toaster. Why? There are normal toasters with real CSA approval at the store! This toaster might have an unfortunate incident. So many reviews say it stops working after a month, so maybe I'll help it along. I also reported it to the consumer safety web form. I'm sick of this crap being bought instead of properly inspected name brand products.

Never in a million years

I never thought I would meet the the man of my dreams. Caring, thoughtful, so wonderful and knows how to treat a lady if you know what I mean ! But I have and I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet. Don't give up ladies your true love is out there too.

a few educational videos for authoritarians

Look up the Milgram Experiments AND the Stanford Prison Experiments. Real life events that reveal human nature when guliven "power" in terms of 'authority', and when asked or "forced" to commit atrocities / ethics violations. Actually do this right now, before forgetting, looking away, being asked or 'commanded' not to, or closing this tab, or replying. You're welcome. your violated tele-empath, GMW

I Love You….

Just thought you should know… get well

Used to

Used to be someone who ran away from problems. In school, from home (as a teen), jobs, groups, and love. But not anymore. Been trying to fix a problem for over 5 years and won't give up this time.

Jack Nicholsoned

I travel, so it is always a different Botox clinic. This one... not so good. They froze my forehead but not over the outer part of the eyebrow so now my face lifts manically on the edges like Jack Nicholson if I make any expression. My eyebrows and hair is getting a little Jack style too...

Dating takes effort… for some of us

I’m getting pretty tired of chasing after gorgeous humans on dating apps. I’m browsing through dating apps bios when I stumble on a beautiful human with a bio that reads like this (with my translations included): “Work a lot - don’t text back fast - nothing personal” Translation: Good luck, the odds are we’ll probably never meet, I’m too busy to meet, let alone send messages… why am I even on this dating app? I shouldn’t even be on here. I’m just going to waste your time and get your hopes up. “Also not super chatty” Translation: I’m gorgeous… therefore I put in zero effort into this. Chase after me. YOU need to do all the work and say all the perfect things to hook me into conversation. Impress me somehow so I will maybe go on a date with you. Good luck! “Bad texter” Translation: I’ll probably end up wasting your time and energy and you’ll eventually get exhausted of my lack of responses to texts. Odds are, I’ll probably just not respond and end up ghosting you. I say we just leave all the gorgeous zero effort people behind and stop pursuing them… it’s such an entitlement. Dating takes effort, energy and mutual genuine interest. Don’t even bother signing up for apps if you KNOW you’re a bad texter with no time space or energy.


I am so important to you, why are you there. Enough said


a long time ago

We met at Trinity B.C. you asked me a question about forgiveness and I gave you an answer which...

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