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We’re FINALLY here… DON’T fuck this up. It’s almost like you WANT to fuck this up… you WANT me to dump you…you want to throw your arms up and say “I tried”… but you haven’t… at all.


I have no trouble finding matches online but as soon as I tell them I have 3 children they stop showing interest. I am not expecting you to look after my children. They are all well taken care of. I just need someone for me. I wish men would stop being scared of dating a woman with kids.

Never change, Alberta

I saw a news item about dinosaur fossils found in Alberta, a tyrannosaur with the remains of two baby dinosaurs inside its stomach and I immediately thought of Danielle Smith.

Big Bird in a Small Cage

I imagine a thaumatrope spinning with one side of the paper circle a bird and the other a cage while listening to the Patrick Watson song. I’ve been glued to the topic of coffin apartments lately. Not merely an optical wonder demonstrating the persistence of our vision to survive. I wonder where Vancouver will be in a decade or more.

Cultural Work Challenges

This is just an observation … but the Australian work ethic is direct , often competitive yet slightly abrasive . I wish I had more of it. Juxtaposed to my Canadian work ethic …we have so many protocols in place it takes a brainiac to remember and a tyrant to enforce.

Coming Back

I'm coming back. Maybe I can find a reasonably priced place to live ..... Made myself laugh at that. Unaffordable housing was why I left. Maybe I can rent a nice box or something. What a place.


I like cats and peppers. She does too. I like her. Why are things difficult?


Here’s to my day being totally fucked up.

Maybe I Should Buy You a Drink

I live in an amazing time. Compared to my great grandmother who immigrated here after the Titanic; who optimistically on the boat manifest wrote her occupation as typist, crossed it out, and then a little too optimistically wrote 'cook'. Side note Lil Gran would have been better as a typist. She was a terrible cook and reknowned for making tea and biscuits for dinner. I incidentally take after her in that regard. In her time, crossing an ocean was an amazing feat. Fast forward over a hundred years and I've crossed multiple oceans, lived in countless countries, drive, live independently, vote, have a job, use a washer and dryer, don't have to get married or have kids, and can wear pants. It's an amazing time. Yet... why am I miserable? Do I expect too much? In the pursuit of independance I find myself at a loss for companionship. Maybe a protocol or etiquette to making introductions has been lost over time. And perhaps if I was paid as much as a man I could afford an obnoxious dog I don't have time to train instead of a partner. So what is the next innovation for women? Tinder has lost it's spark.


I like to read 1-Star Google reviews of businesses in Vancouver where I've also had bad experiences.


Bar at the Westin Bayshore

You were by yourself at H tasting lounge bar inside the Westin Bayshore hotel. You had the...

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