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New Years Wish

It's always the same. I don't speak it out loud. I don't even silently think the words in my head but the same thoughts are always there. I'm sitting across from someone, but it won't ever happen again in real life , and a decade ago when it did it never went the way I hoped anyway.

Yes 47 year old here

Internet 12 hours a day 7 hours a day.....twitter & tik Tok most of the time....on my iPhone all the time looking for likes & stupid shit...watched porn too as I ate my Christmas dinner at my house..... pretty pathetic.....but least I wear deodorant every day.

Take Your Medicine Peter Pan

I often thought Pan refused to grow up and was obsessed with death. Then I learned what medicine constituted in his time. Alcohol and morphine. Tonics to lull children into submission and slumber. What happens to children who are neglected and learn not to express their needs? Nothing good. Isn't medication better now though? Every drug has its all healing heyday in culture. Medicine could also mean bitter truths to take in. What did Pan need to process in order to heal?

Life can be cruel

When my daughter was born in 2000 I so wished for her to be a strong intelligent young woman, like Greta Thurnberg. Instead I got this; "Dad,you know that show "Pretty Little Liars"?" "No" "Well that's what mom and me are." "Mom and I" "What?"

New Year, New Goals

Kinda hypocritical all the people in government against guaranteed income getting paid it. Pathetic reasoning, securing their lofty lifestyle at low incomes expense. Maybe its time to bring back that musical chairs game, to the tune of Talking Heads, watch them go around in circles for a change, fight for scraps, the way the majority do, taking away the last left chairs until none's left. Resolutions.

Loyal to a fault

I’ve been a member of a social club for12 years and it is feeling really stale. They don’t invest in the future. With a new year, I think, can I endure the same boredom, mismanagement and egos for an other yrar? Time to leave for a change of scenery.

My dream

I had a dream last night, a nightmare really ! In my dream no one would rent me an apartment and no one would even help me find one, people were being mean and uncaring and shifty. In my dream I couldn't understand why I was being left to the wayside and overlooked. Then I woke up and realized it wasn't a dream at all.

We’re Still Here

Remember that once again we lived through history this year. Looking back, our lives have been filled with change, intrigue, and adventurous uncertainties. I’ll take it as a win and will drink a cup of kindness for auld lang syne. Cheers to us.

I remember damage. Then escape.

I hear and read the phrase narcissist thrown around a lot. Admittedly I’m afraid. What if that’s me? The intention is to do no harm, but what if I am? How do you find out if you’re what you fear the most. And what things can be done to mitigate.

Back-end Development

There's a story on repeat in the back of my mind. If I pay attention I notice something - It influences every decision I make. But what is the truth of that story. How to go about rewriting the unseen controls that manage this life.


Granville Island Public Market

You were by youself, I think. You wore light blue jeans and black shoes with tall wedge-like...

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