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I Miss

Being satisfied with what I have. 10 years ago I had the choice between staying in a relationship with someone wonderful that I was lucky to be with by any standards, or ending it to see if I stood a chance with someone I was almost certainly totally wrong for. I choose to stay, and despite all attempts not to think about it, I find myself doubting the wisdom of that choice every day. Now I think that when the mind is conflicted you should choose the less known option so at least you know if you were wrong.

I’ve noticed that

When the weather is extreme, like a big snow dump or a real steady rain downpour I don’t get mail that day. But a couple days later when the weather eases off a big whack of mail arrives. It seems my mailman is Newman from Seinfeld.


I bought an Instant Pot after new years and so far I love it! I made yogurt the other day and can't believe how good it is! The appliance and I are going to have good times together this year :) It might just be love!

I'd really like to know..

Out of the people who read the confessions how many of you have had situations of important people, key people in your life (best friends, family) let you down, like really not been there for you, or broke a promise that was REALLY important to you, and they were aware of it, but still let you down? Besides ONE person in my life, EVERY SINGLE PERSON has let me down. How is this even possible? I'm not a young soul and I have to say that I feel so much resentment that I truly need to step away from ALL people in general for a while. I can't be let down anymore, my soul, my whole being is loosing the will to go on.

This frozen weather

Makes me wanna spend time with a lover, get naked together, warm up with a hot bath and sweet, passionate lovemaking.

Can’t sleep

I had a terrible nightmare yesterday about some crazies from the past. I wonder if it’s a sign?

Winter Wonderland

Its so beautiful but really getting in the way of my plans to leave. I feel its much to cold to live in the streets with the -5 temp going on. I hope next week is warmer. Looking for a insulated box.

Rotting meat

My downstairs neighbor seems normal but I swear to god this person's cooks a pot of feces and rotting meat every couple weeks. I get home and it's like a atrocity occured in my home. Sometimes I wake up and they've been doing this at like 4 am Wtf What are you doing

Baby Critic

Whenever I listen to Beck the toddler next door starts whooping and yelling.


Richmond Dyke

I was on my Ebike riding in the snow on the Dyke in Richmond Thursday afternoon you were...

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