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Growing apart

I have a friend who hasn't had a job in a long while. I try being there for him through his depression but it seems like there's a lotta other issues he's not wanting to address. Lots of people I love live with depression, out of all of them he's the first to get up to the things he does. It's not a competition, I'm confused is all! I feel like a terrible friend for saying it but I'm reaching my limit with him. Hell if it doesn't bother me that I work tirelessly to fund his online bigotted misogyny. I have women friends and family I love that grew closer after the Pandemic with. I wanna be there for them in meaningful ways, then I've gotta hear and support his constant tirades, I'm wiped out! There's tons of help and resources I show him but he never wants to try any of it that will help him. He's confined to his computer and phone all day writing toxic garbage. Does anyone have any suggestions?!? I feel like a bad friend but it's wearing me down and poisoning my other relationships and dating options. I don't know how much more of it I can take. Thanks for listening.


I’m on my break at work right now and enjoying my peace and quiet in the outdoor open space. Feels very soothing and relaxing to meditate. I don’t socialize with any co workers. Not out of disrespect. I just find that I concentrate better when I’m alone. Being alone allows me to straighten out my thoughts and stay focused.

Weird nightmare

I have the strangest re-occurring nightmare. Its the first day of school and I have all my books and im ready to go, but I dont know where my specific classes are. Its always in this enormous labyrinthine university setting with winding halls and many many floors that seem to go on forever. Everyone else is milling around seemingly comfortable and happy and there I am clutching my books and freaking the f*** out totally lost and confused. I become overwhelmed by this powerless and humiliating feeling... its dreadful.

I'm serious

Brooklyn Bridge and it's not in Brooklyn! Goodbye It's over !

Safety and Vitality

Anonymous encounters may be taboo for a single mother, but I am always discrete and insist upon protection.

Life isn’t Fair

From a very early age, a burden was placed on me to break my family out of the poverty cycle. My whole life, the messaging I received from my parents was to get good grades, go to University and get a good job. Well, I’ve done all that but somewhere along the way I forgot to include fun, joy, dating, enjoying my youth, and adventure into my life. I’m now in my early 30s, with a good career, but one that has left me feeling burnt out. I’m single with no dating experience, and don’t know how to have fun. My mental health is awful despite therapy. I make good money (relatively) but not enough to afford a home, especially on a single income. My face and body are starting to show the effects of aging, and I can’t seem to attract a partner for the life of me. Meanwhile, the women I went to high school with, who never studied hard, got to enjoy their youth, then they married rich and started a family, and are now living a great life without having to do all that schooling and ladder climbing for a career. I’m trying to remain positive, but some days, it just gets to me. I wish I could go back in time!

Bull of the woods

13 floor elevators, vinyl, just lost it behind the stereo stand. Like, it went flying out of my hands. Now listening on yt. I'll try to find it tomorrow, I lost a Blind Lemon Jefferson cd the same way years ago, never found it.

Failing at love

Life's been good to me, easier then most. People know me as the man that has it all. I look good on paper. Sad to say no takers for longterm. I'm never alone alone, I always score mindless dating, nothing substantial to lift my spirits, Im beginning to see why..Ive messed up any good healthy possible relationship. When certain connections dont materialize the way I planned for whatever reason, I flashback and it infuriates that moment Im consumed by seething rage and bitterness to demean and mess with women I anticipate will reject me any way I can, their friendships, relationships, confidence, career, nothing is off limit until I push them away for good. I let my anger at past opportunities I was rejected get the best of me. If only I didnt let my past make me that way and told them how I felt..But what did I do? Childishly pick them apart to avoid thinking on my pitiful issues, focus my anger on them and resort to games instead of focusing on me. I want a do over , apologize and do better, .. I feel a heaviness I cant escape..I know Im one of the lucky few who didnt lose anything over the pandemic.. that can change any day and I hate to say that day is getting closer. I put on a good game but i don't like what I see in the mirror.. I look smaller and smaller. I fear what I tried to avoid is catching up to me. ..

Im an asshole

I am learning to be an asshole. I don't want to be, but it seems to be the only way to counter the constant bombardment of negativity and "advice" - finger wagging. Media is one thing, they do it to t get you to consume, but its the constant pressure to self doubt, and undermine my self esteem. I have to constantly remind myself that I am okay, i don't need to be perfect, why do so many people try to make me feel like i need to drink their newfound flavor of coolaid. From the financial advice of people that are so heavy in debt, to my ex who knows everything but cant get a job in this market to support her kids. From institution like religion, and police, who are are rotten from the inside, telling us how to behave. The friend who tells me to skip my craft beers; but I should try pharmaceuticals, pot and hallucinogens to expand my mind. My various employers for years telling me how replaceable I am, but cant find any employees to give time off, not to mention my pay is the same for the last ten years. Don't get me started on dating, jesus, its like Shania said, that "aint good enough". Yes, i pay a therapist to give me perspective that I am okay! I know this, but still go, because the barrage of finger wagging is stifling. Jesus, why do I have to be an asshole and tell people to chill the fuck out, otherwise they don't get it. What the hell do you bring to the table? I am happy to learn and grow from people that are actually doing the things they preach about, and succeeding at it. So if i cut you off in the left lane because you've been doing the speed limit, just like the car next to you for the last hour. Fuck you. I don't want to do that, thanks for the lesson. Do your thing, please, just do your thing, stop shoveling that down my throat and let me be.


Cycle daddy on the 99

I had to get my bike out so you could remove yours when you got out at Main. I didn't think...


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