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save on meats

Save on meats is closing its diner and opening up a fast-food takeout only location in the old butcher shop. I dunno guess it just bums me out to lose such a warm and inviting casual place to chill in an otherwise cold neighborhood. I'll just eat my burger on the curb outside as protest.

Losing hope

I’m a single mom and was laid off a couple of months ago. I’m behind on my bills and got my first ei cheque a whopping $300. I can’t get my ex to help out because of course I chose a poor excuse of a father who refuses to step up. I wait for the system to do its part after I put in the papers but of course they are behind. I go to the food bank and am grateful for the people who donate and it helps but isn’t enough. I go to the library daily to apply for jobs and still nothing. I see other single parents struggling and they are working. I keep wondering when things will get better, I try to think optimistically so I don’t put my fear and anxiety onto my child because that’s what we do, we try to shield them from the hardships in life. But I feel like I’m losing hope that things will get better, and that scares me.


I’ve always been a low key person, however, life has been kind to me for a while and, without expecting this, I’ve become kind of popular recently and complete strangers have started appreciating my work. It hurt me to see my friends’ reactions, ranging from disbelief to completely ignoring me. I’m still the same person to them and I rarely ( if ever) brag. Can’t people be happy for their peers anymore?

I push myself to try something new and end up hating myself for trying.

Sometimes participating in this activity called "living" feels like too much work. Most of the time I'd rather just stay in bed and scroll through photos of people I don't really care about. Lately I've been trying to challenge myself by trying new things but there seems to be no fulfillment in that either. I know what I have to do to get things done. But in the end, who cares if I end up not accomplishing anything? I'm not sure if I do anymore.

Im just so busy !

I reached out to an old friend after thinking about her for years, ive never bonded with anyone like i have with her. I said how i felt .. I was sorry for being absent for years but i didnt want to burden my friends with my family drama of me raising a 14 year old sister addicted to drugs and with an eating disorder when i was 19 while they were all out banging boys and being normal young adults finding their way. She said she underatood and has always wanted to reconnect and that she missed me and thought of me often over the years. Ok good right ? Well... 4 rescheduled plans later i kept hearing oh you know i have 3 kids im So Busy! Hey i totally understand who wouldnt be ! Plans turned to oh ill call you.. And that never happened. Then i got some advice from my mom who said if she wanted to make the connection she would find a way to. Let it go. Dont hold onto outcomes. She isnt showing she cares by her actions. Boom. Blown away. I sent a message that read .."Hey, i know your totally busy and thats understandable lets try for a month away or so ok?" No response. Read message though. Is it so hard to say hey you know ive had second thoughts and a.b.c. etc. Or.. Just be honest !?! So easy to not be upfront and deal with life easier to be busyy. Who else has had this encounter? Do you just drop it or is this person actually busy and me having no kids just doesnt get it and thinks im being bluffed off ?

Chasing likes

I take a lot of photos ( landscapes etc ) and post them on Facebook. I confess I feel validated when there’s many likes and disappointed when there’s few likes. It’s so dumb

Trans girlfriend

I've been in a relationship with a trans woman for more than 2 years. She is beautiful, tall, very style-wise. She attracts a lot of attention. Every time we go out there's countless guys who gawk at her and just stare. Well let me tell you, you just look like foxes preying over meat and it disgusts me that you can never respect. Stop staring. Yeah she's beautiful but she's not an object. I don't know if you realize how stupid men look when staring at women. Plus, many of you are married guys, strolling with wife and kids, and still can't stop staring. Just FYI, yeah more men than you'd know are into trans women, but please stop, you look ridiculous.

deeply in love

I am not deeply in love with anyone. but at times when I hear this I feel it.

When I've spent too much time interacting with people

I go home and 'herminate'. I'll shower, burn candles, water my plants, turn on a fan, drink tea and watch anime. For some reason, I find relief not seeing human faces or hearing English. A lot of animes include rain; the pink noise is soothing. When I'm feeling slightly better I graduate myself to Korean tv. I find the culture and language endearing, comforting. Sometimes, I reacclimate to North American tv, but not often. I enjoy watching what's been filmed in Vancouver - must be the rain :)


Smiles at YVR

We were on the same flight from Minneapolis. I accidentally opened the door on someone in the...

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