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I've been thinking

I think we are alone in this universe. Now hear me out . But I do think however that there are multiple universes but each in their own dimensions. One dimension with one planet with life on it in each. So multiple dimensions each with only one planet with life on it. Why you ask do I think that ? Because look at the fact on this planet how different countries are always fighting about shit constantly. Can't seem to get along and always trying to take over each other countries. Can you imagine two planets in the same universe shit they would be battling it out who's got the better planet or trying to take over the other person's planet. So that's why I think one planet in each dimension. Now that not to say that a higher evolved planet could not figure out how to transport to other dimensions, cause that is a possiblity but remember they are higher evolved so maybe they are past the killing and taking over garbage. Smarter is what I'm basically trying to say. Like we should be on this planet but we're not yet ! But I do have hope :)

Broke, fat and old

I held onto a memory of an ex through the last few years that kept me grinding away at my personal growth. Making money, gaining stability, growing mature, staying fit... then I ran into them and holy shit they got changed. Maybe the joke is on me as a single, but they married into what appears to be a trailer park life style covered in trashy tattoo's and hipster make up. I guess people do change.

Good to be back

Confessions were a lifeline during much of the isolation period of the last few years. While they were down some stuff happened in my real world that gave me life closure on things that had no guarantees would happen. I am awake to life like I was before the pandemic, my heart is open to what is an already starting long Xmas season, and the confessions opened back up on cue. Life is beautiful.


I feel embarrassed for them, but I don’t know them well enough to tell them that they’re making a total ass of themselves. Some types of behaviour can be tolerated when a person is in their 20’s, but when they’re still doing it when they’re over 50 it’s cringeworthy. And what’s even worse is when they include you in it without your permission, by saying “we”. Leave me out of it please! I have no desire to make myself look like an aging fool, thank you very much.

Most Iconic

The most iconic line in the whole Dirty Dancing movie and it should hold true for all mankind. " Nobody puts baby in a corner " Chew on that a spell.

Movie based on Robert (Willy) Pickton

There is a movie that is set to premiere called 'Pig Killer' about the notorious killer from the Greater Vancouver area. It is so inappropriate to give Robert (Willy) Picton any fame for how he tortured and disposed of/fed the women he killed to his pigs (after putting the bodies in a tree chipper). I hope the makers of this 'film' lose their shirts financially and find it impossible to ever produce another movie. Families and the friends of these women were traumatized for life, learning how their loved ones died. If this movie is considered entertainment/art in any way, we are no longer a worthwhile society.

Did it

Got a job elsewhere & moving after frequently coming here to bang on/join the rants about pricey Van. Bye strangers n’ good luck to ya!

Blows ones mind

The shit people think they can dish out and you actually think I believe you. You have no idea what I know or what I think inside about your ridiculous behavior because I would never let on that I think your full of shit. Why spoil your theatrics you seem to enjoy it. Ok here's what I think. Come real close and listen real careful. " You need to peddle that shit elsewhere ". Lots of shit in this confession huh !

Knot alright

I used to make accurate drawings of knots. I think it was to take my mind off a girl.

Taken advantage of

I have been taken advantage of in a way I may have asked for while unwell or in a way that I don't know what to do anything about. I can't see a positive outcome. I went to the hospital to get help and found it unhelpful as they just want to focus on one thing. People screamed from the seclusion rooms and I regretted going in their completely.


Tall n Bald at Poirier Gym

Somebody tell me you’re single! You’re a tall, strong fellow, a regular at Poirier around 9am....

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