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Spider art = good. Vancouver City terrible at art.

While you're taking that down, can you also take down the stairs to nowhere at the field right by the PNE? That isn't even an art installation. It's an eye-sore and a danger to all the kids who climb on it. Actually, you should move the spider to the field there. That would be smart. The spider is cool.

How to deal with workplace bullies

Anytime bullies at work try to oppress you, just threaten to call the Union. You’d be surprised how often that works every time. The word “Union” alone makes them cringe because they know that Union have a very low tolerance policy for bullying, and will hold them accountable to the fullest extent. Put these fuckers in their place and they’ll leave you alone. Problem solved.

Not so secret confession now..

But I wish the lower mainland were like Nebraska where we all turned to Jesus & lived godly lives worked hard raised traditional families where men were men & ladies were ladies no fancy flamboyant living basic living children respected their parents & elders no internet no tv or cellphones sitting as a family at dinnertime in prayerful rock music no rap or jazz no reggae no disco.....just music that lifts us up to the lord no fancy type flashy Bible's....just the traditional one that's real.

Confession caught red handed

Several years ago someone submitted a Confession here about their rage at something I did and that they would get violent next time it happened but they didn't even communicate to me that they believed I did something wrong! I just happened to read it here by chance!!! I had no idea! I cut all ties to that person and the friends I knew him through because that is a scary way to find out someone is SO mad at you they want to physically hurt you! It wasn't even something I did, it was something done by a friend I brought and as soon as I was aware I made it clear it wasn't cool but the rage was published regardless. Worrisome.

Clear Bra Straps

What's the point of dat? Obviously you're wearing a bra or those sweater puppies be swingin'. Which... they should be, imho.

Love, Burnaby-style

When you dump someone and they need control so badly that they come back with anger, telling you to go away when you already left long ago. Everyone needs a coping mechanism to protect their hearts, I guess, especially to mask deep regret. Not. My. Problem.


This forum used to be such a great place to read interesting confessions… now there’s still some of those… the rest seem to be arguments with each other? How can you even tell who is typing these things? Hope this changes soon! When I have posted in the past I have found the occasional shitty comment, but mostly helpful ones. Let’s get back to that folks!

Nice, asshole

The psycho neighbor nobody likes made a left turn to cut right in front of me on an empty sidewalk to tell me; "Stay away, I have COVID." Nice guy huh?

I don't get it

Placed an order at Tim's for a large sandwich. They gave me a small one wrapped up in a little paper bag. Pointed out the error and they gave me another small sandwich to make it up but crammed it in the little paper bag. Said they'd have to charge me for another bag if I wanted a larger one. Their mistake so why is this. On top of it can't tell if I'm being charged for the first bag in the first place because, guess what? You don't get a receipt anymore unless you ask for one. I confess this nickle and diming of consumers is getting out of hand. Seems like we just can't win sometimes.


No Frills

You are a Brazilian biologist and we chatted in the checkout line

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