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Starting to get an ear for it

I can semi-accurately guess if someone is a Vancouverite now. I can zone in on their very subtle accent. I was raised here, so I think that is why. I guess everyone else will think this is non-sense even though accents and dialect truly do exist everywhere.


Around 15 years since we stopped writing (she called me a "wanker"), an old flame looked me up. Had some request about helping them with their website. We caught up a bit. Turns out they're in a bad marriage with a controlling man and have an adolescent. Then they started creeping my old Facebook posts, that kind weirded me out. Then proposed coming to visit me (pretty sure the husband wasn't informed). Then the next day sent a map with directions to a provincial park to meet between our cities that weekend. I said I wasn't comfortable with that. Then they kept doing more of the same lurking and sending me strange messages. Now it's clear theyre onto plandemic conspiracy bullshit and sending me links to misinformative documentaries and articles. I just feel sorry for her at this point but she's really not my problem. I've now blocked her for crossing boundaries I never knew I had. Did 15 years without being friends, guess I can live with longer. That was just weird.

I don’t tell my friends this

But I still feed the ducks bread when I go to the lake. The government hasn’t totally cleansed my personality and morals yet.

Another perspective

I think perspective is everything. We each have a unique one. I’d like to point that out to some people who are so smug about how they’ve always managed to overcome challenges and keep on going. They look down on someone who’s really struggling, accusing them of not trying, etc. But do these same people ever stop to consider that one of the reasons that they’ve been able to do that, is because of the love, support, understanding, and actual assistance (like financial or something physically tangible) of other people? Someone like me for instance, who’s been there countless times to listen to them rant and cry and rage, helped them physically and loaned or gifted them money when they needed it? It blows my mind that they take ALL of the credit for their supposed remarkable resilience, strength, and positivity, as if they did it completely on their own. Like I’ve had to for example. I’ve had no one to turn to most of the time for my entire life. I’ve never had anyone bail me out of difficult financial situations or come over and clean my house when I’m feeling down or I’m sick. And yet when I’m the one who’s struggling, and even though I’ve told them how much, all I get from them is abuse and rejection and accusations of being lazy. I wonder what it would be like to have a cheerleader like me to help me weather those storms. It must be nice.

Home reno shows on TV

We are just renting an apt but lately I've been watching these shows for something to fill the time at home. I don't get why everyone wants the "open concept " where you can see the whole kitchen from the front door. I've always liked the idea of being able to just close the door if you have a mess.


I watch those paranormal shows and I think it would be fun to be a ghost, spy on people and scare them if you don’t like them!!

What's in a street name?

I propose we rename Granville St to Lhamo Thondup St. In case you don't recognize the name, that is the current Dali Lama. Not only is he an all-around good guy, that would mean that the address of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China would become 3380 Lhamo Thondup St. Which would annoy them to no end.

I dont see a future

I dont see the point of this shitty unjust world and frankly I dont want to be a part of it anymore. There is no point to all of this. Not for all the hard work and hardship we have to endure everyday, while so many things are so wrong and bad in this world. Killing ourselves and our planet for money. The rich keep getting richer off the sweat of the poor, hard working people. Thats the point. Its all a mirage With no true meaning. Checking out soon and I'm sure that will make many people happy . Your welcome in advance. So sad, so sad indeed, when we practice to deceive.

Imaginary Island

One time I received a ginormous grant to document an undiscovered island. Only I couldn't find one (admittedly I didn't look very hard), so for around 6 years every vacation until the money ran out I did find lots of real islands, and I inventoried their beer, hammocks, bikini varieties and tropical fruit.

Moving hell

My confession is I turn into a crazy person when I'm moving. I wish I was rich. I'd pay someone to do everything.


Exchanged glances at Joe’s Cafe

I was sitting at the window at Joe’s Cafe with my girlfriend on Wednesday September 23rd around...


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