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Just consider

How much of a clown loser you have to be to spend all your time negatively obsessing over someone. This is beyond pathetic. Get a fucking life.

I don’t get

Why you would dedicate so much of your life to being an obsessive asshole. Leave me the fuck alone

Kids today ne

Never see them play outside....all they do is stay inside playing their virtual video games on their devices. Adults today ....complain about today's kids on Facebook social media & mumble on about government tyranny & all the imaginary bad things Trudeau has done to ruin their little lives & conspiracy crap that they heard from a friend who was told by their Aunt who read about it on social media while taking a dump at 3 am in the morning.

Failed vegan

I thought I hit the lottery when I matched with the girl who was 3 years older than me in elementary school. She was my childhood crush. Yes, a dating app reconnected us two decade later and she checked off every box for me, except one. She wanted me and expected me to be vegan. I love animals but I eat meat. I couldn’t do it. I wish it could’ve been different because I was madly in love, we were madly in love. I guess I’ll never know

Swiping right

Job interviews seem like that right now. I've had a few entry level minimum wage positions get to the reference phase, contact my solid references and then nothing. Why contact references if you have no intention of hiring them? Why interview people if you're just fishing? The expectation I lived a non pandemic experience over the last few years is frustrating.

I keep on seeing billion dollar numbers in the news

But I swear, they just feel so abstract and made up now. I think the problem is nobody believes these numbers are worth anything. It feels like people are buying a sinking and collapsing system.

I miss living in another country

They would just have the chickens on the street and you could go and buy one fresh. Nobody was vegan-nagging you about enjoying life. Western society is definitely dying from being nagged to death by woke nuts.

Thank you was never enough

I always said, "thank you", to D. But, looking back, it was never enough. I never cared about beauty. Sometimes, I didn't even see it. I know it means a lot to many men and women. D. was a big woman, not especially fat, but tall and large-boned. She was a special lover, inventive, creative, intuitive, supportive, there just aren't enough words. I felt safe to try new things I had not experienced before, to say anything, to let go of everything, to be complete. We didn't love each other, and we lived different lives, but I always think about D.

You'd be an idiot

To keep up with the Jones and the Joneses these days. You're just going to give all of your labour to the corporate world and be unable to afford rent/a house. I mean, if you don't try, you will never get it.... but come on... really? It sure seems like rich financers control everything and exploit their workers.


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