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When your bank borrows...

54 billion USD to shore up its finances.... my eyes sort of roll and wonder who would want to bank there. Banks that are "too big" to fail are definitely ready and trying to pop like a ripe zit. Oh my... Like honestly, why wouldn't you just move your money to another bank if you bank there? This is exactly what will happen.

Now that 420 is legal

The 420 events are ultra lame. Twerps and yuppies show up now. The rest are people who want to act hardcore but ... it's legal, so what's the point of this posturing? The booths are always welcome... but they're in it for the money typically. I can understand why things go out of fashion now.

You are always smiling at me

And I think you're a beautiful woman but I am an ambivert and even though I may seem outgoing I have a very hard time (shy) asking women out whom I think are very, very hot, like yourself. So, if you're interested you have to send me clearer signals. Please.

The Tech People

They have been spoiled rotten and now their jobs are disappearing. It's gonna be really funny to watch them go into environments where they're not allowed to suck on mochas and watch/record TikTok videos. About 1/10 of them actually do work. The rest just pay lip-service and work around that 1 person. I know. I work in tech and it stinks. I hope they finally stop gentrifying cities because their financial bubble burst.


Watching my ex’s life fall apart rapidly is very sad and hard to see but also I can’t look away. Maybe when he’s behind bars he can reflect on his choices and learn and grow. Sometimes a job isn’t worth everything when you lose your mind because of it.


I come off as intense because I am. I really don’t have time for a superficial life whatsoever.

Can we try harder

We could replace all of the homelessness services with homes. I don't want to pay the green haired idiots, but I would like to help the homeless. The green haired idiots act like jack-asses and clowns. Their politics are ridiculous. They also ruin parties. Homeless people do need our help though, and we need to put them in better settings where their mental health can recover. I don't know why the left is in charge of this issue. Modern society creates this issue and leftists encourage modern society without any humanistic and realistic checks and balances in place. Homeless people don't need legal drugs. They need to be away from drugs period.

Today when I was at work

I work remotely, so I wasn't truly at the office or anything. I go to the office once a year. Today, I realized I was working too hard, so I took a long lunch to make some fries chicken drumsticks. The entire house smelt like chicken. You just can't do stuff like this at the office!!! This is incredible!!!!! I have to do this more often.

I just want to apologize

To all the people who come here and post confessions about difficult, painful, sensitive subjects like depression or loneliness. Some comments are kind and helpful. Other comments are deliberately hurtful, cruel trolling. Sad how some people feel so low about themselves they need to add to some stranger's pain. These trolls must be truly miserable. Strange how this site fails to screen out the troll comments. This should be a safe corner of the internet for subjects too painful to discuss in real life. To the ops I'm sorry for your pain and I hope you're able to work through it.

What ?

Your know if there was no more homelessness and people in need these useless organizations would become obsolete ! Think about that. Just like if they found an actual cure for cancer they would not make billions of dollars each year on pills and treatments that are only Band-Aids to making more money off of sick people !


Costco meet cute

We initially exchanged glances in produce but when you ended up behind me in line, I panicked....

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