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Remember the nights

I get to cook dinner for my retired parents 3 times a week since mid march. Never in my life have I ever got to experience this, and I assume in a month or so it will fade out and won't get to do it again.


He doesn't rush over to see me anymore He doesn't text me before I wake up just because he loves knowing how it warms my heart, anymore he doesn't make plans with me, anymore he keeps pictures of women from past relationships on his phone and on his computer where I can see them--and never tucked them away as I suggested. I didn't ask him to delete them, just find a place for them. This was supposed to be our time, now It's ok though. Because once Covid is over, I'm going to rent my place out and travel the world. That has always been one of my goals, and I'll soon have the freedom to do that. Sometimes the thing we think we need is just the thing we need to propel us toward something way, way better. Truth.

Ray of Sunshine

It's not often that it happens, but there are some strangers you meet in life that just make you happy to see them. It's like that line from a song, "Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer." The sight of them just lifts you up and you can't help but smile. I was quite possibly the grumpiest man heading to work on the bus the other day, but not after I saw her.

Trying to make friends is like dating

It takes a lot time and energy pretending to be politically correct not to offend so I can be accepted. Keeping up an image and pretending to be someone that I am not is also exhausting. The moment I let my guard down I get disappointed. Anytime I can be ghosted for what ever reason. Making friendships with anyone no longer important to me.


I am literally going crazy because of my incredibly annoying neighbours. I don’t hate children. I have some and some grandchildren too. But enough is enough. These people obviously think that everyone else enjoys the sound of their children screaming just as much as they do. They’ve decorated their yard like a Sesame Street set (this is a condo with mostly adults by the way), they have nightly parties with at least 6 loud adults and 4-5 kids. They play kids music outside. They let their kids bang drums and cymbals and so on. They carry on loud cell phone conversations outside while the kids are playing and yelling and banging. Complaints made to management resulted in quiet for about 5 minutes. I’m going to have to sell my unit now because I just can’t stand it anymore. This was supposed to be my peaceful happy place, but now it’s a daycare centre and I don’t know where I’m going to go.

going nowhere

I always feel kind of sad when people move out of my building, and I am still here. My building is fine, it's just I feel left behind when others are moving on to houses or presumably some sort of improved living situation. I mean, can you imagine living in a house! I'd be in paradise! I am working towards improving my lot but it is slow going and covid has crushed my income. Sometimes I feel like I will die in this random grey apartment building, and never know what it is like to truly have a home.

Text dissonance

Maybe they’re just bored, these people who text you all the time asking how you are. That seems thoughtful and innocent, but when you need them offline, they’re not around. They’re your best friend through the phone only, at their convenience. But I’ve learned to spot these players and don’t fall in their traps any more.

One Day

I'd like to learn to dance the Carlton. When Alfonso Ribeiro first performed the Carlton Dance in Fresh Prince it was hysterical, but has since evolved into something rather inspiring, and dare I say classic.

Love: I'm cautious if you seem to want it so much

From personal experience I discovered that there are some people out there that just want someone to fall romantically in love with them so they can go on some evil sadistic power trip of murdering said love inside another person. Just completely crushing their spirit, messing with mind and soul. Some people just want to destroy in others what they don't have in themselves. I realize most people never run into anyone so sinister, but nonetheless there are some truly evil people out there, and some of us have encountered them. If it seems someone wants it a bit too much from me now, that's going to be a big red flag for someone of my experience. I don't need anymore serious inconveniences like that which drove me to a mental breakdown and a blotched suicide attempt. I will never repeat that again.

I wish

I wish I had someone or something or somewhere in my life that felt like home. I'm one of those people who would be dead for weeks before anyone noticed. We are everywhere.


I saw you in the emerald glow.

It was a radiant post-apocalyptic night. Our eyes met, and I knew that it would be safe to go...


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