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Things are becoming much clearer or I'm getting much weirder.

The kid in me

I still eat at McDonald’s even when I am sober.

Crow feeders

I saw from my window a man telling a lady not to feed the crows, because it annoys everyone. I quite like the crows in the neighbourhood, their existence is part of the beauty in the west end. I thought about giving my two cents but the interaction was quick. There will always be people feeding the crows and if other residents don’t like it, nobody is forcing them to stay in the neighbourhood. Come anytime, crow feeders :-)

Done with friends

Who won’t share what they did on the weekend but ask everything about me even what I fucking eat! How is that any of your business. I’m done with this one sided friendship.


I MUST CONFESS: I have never really liked Margaret Attwood as a person, and her voice sends shudders throughout my body. I feel vaguely un-canadian about this but it does feel good to get it off my chest.

Woo hoo!

One upside about having to wear masks and covering your eyes. People I don’t want to see that I haven’t seen in a long time...they don’t recognize me.

Heartbroken and tired

I am so tired of being stressed out about my father's mood swings. I am so tired of crying. I am so tired of being dismissed and emotionally abused. At least if he treated my mom good. That's what breaks my heart the most. I am 42 years old and as I write this tears are streaming down my face. He doesn't get it. He thinks money fixes everything. I am at a loss. I pray every night that my Dad will be in a good mood so that I don't have to worry about my mom.


there needs to be equal compassion for those following the rules, staying home, giving up things in their life, buying local and doing everything to help their fellow neighbour only to have their own lives turned upside down by preventable spread. my in person education was cancelled today for the upcoming year. that means the gym, the residence, the mental health support, the social support, the everything is gone. with student funding held up by controversy and disability funding held up by politics, life can be frustrating. am I going to get angry? am I gonna stop following the rules? heck no. virtues are virtues. I will be a good person regardless of how much other peoples ignorance f*cks my sh*t up.

Oat Racket

Every company is so excited they make Oat Milk now because it's the biggest racket since that overpricing bread scandal. It costs like 25 cents to make it at home, less with corporate bulk discounts. Please don't buy it! It drives me insane! I'm going to start yelling in the grocery store isles if I see any more. Blend a cup of oats with 4 cups of water and drain it, add some vanilla & dates if you want, and you're done. Let's all use our brains.


That smile, though.....

You are tall, dark, gorgeous, and French (?), with a killer smile, and you frequently offer to...


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