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You know It's pretty damn bad

When you call your local MLA for help and they don't even return your call. Speaks volumes to how bad things are right now, also says alot about how nobody really cares if you live or die in our society. As long as the cogs in the wheels keep turning nothing will ever be changed or done. Am I strong enough to change things ? This is the question I ask myself everyday. It would take more than one woman, it would take a village! Hillary Clinton

Am ashamed..

Most of my family is diabetic. I managed to keep it in check with exercise until covid and then I just didn't go out as much or do as much and now I got diabetes. I'm so ashamed. I just feel so worthless. I wish I was like my friends who were healthy and fit.


I want to dance again. It's been so long and I feel the need to shake off the rust. Just dance ! Make my heart sing again.

Time flies...

...Regardless of whether you're happy or completely miserable.


I have been chatting with woman after woman about how the system that's is supposed to be set up to help woman and children move on is letting everyone down. There is no help, there is no hope. Why is that? Can anyone answer this simple question ? I know now from my own experiences that it's true, a useless ridiculous system. I feel like giving up ! Or going to the news with my story cause there is a lot more to the story than what I have confessed today. A lot more !

Self Love

I came to your place and I was going to tell you yes. The thought still terrified me but this time there was a hint of excitement and resolution. This could be a good thing. As I sit down and you make tea I hear you say, “I’ve started dating someone...” Oh. I’m happy for you. I recognize I took too long and that’s okay. Someday I will say yes to someone. First I’ll start with me.

Hospital burnout

The higher up management of the lower mainland health authority does not care about staff retention or patient safety no matter how many "thankful" letters they send out to frontline workers to make themselves feel better


Am I ever stupid…what magical land did I think I was living in.

All the humiliation you can handle

It’s bad enough that I applied for a job at half my usual salary. After I applied, I got a request to do an automated voice interview where I speak my answers to the computer and they are recorded. It’s an HR bot. I find it repugnant to sound stoked, enthusiastic and eager, speaking to no one for a minimum wage job.

Be kind

At the gas station I saw this homeless man sitting out front ask if a woman needed help with a door as she had a baby stroller. I thought it looked like she was being rude to him possibly saying she didn't need his help before walking in but on her way out she had a huge bag of stuff for him and even went back in to buy him cigarettes after they talked for a bit. They shook hands and as she walked away he teared up. It's things like this that give me faith in humanity. Be kind to people because you never know what they're going through. Don't let cold people make you cold too. Be the light that we need in this world. Happy New year, everyone.


Granville Island Public Market

You were by youself, I think. You wore light blue jeans and black shoes with tall wedge-like...

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