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I've been thinking

I think we are alone in this universe. Now hear me out . But I do think however that there are multiple universes but each in their own dimensions. One dimension with one planet with life on it in each. So multiple dimensions each with only one planet with life on it. Why you ask do I think that ? Because look at the fact on this planet how different countries are always fighting about shit constantly. Can't seem to get along and always trying to take over each other countries. Can you imagine two planets in the same universe shit they would be battling it out who's got the better planet or trying to take over the other person's planet. So that's why I think one planet in each dimension. Now that not to say that a higher evolved planet could not figure out how to transport to other dimensions, cause that is a possiblity but remember they are higher evolved so maybe they are past the killing and taking over garbage. Smarter is what I'm basically trying to say. Like we should be on this planet but we're not yet ! But I do have hope :)

Ruff times

Leave my friend alone she has been through enough and doesn't deserve anymore heartache. She has had way more than her share of lies and deception, manipulation and abuse. More then any one person should have to bare. Move on. Why can anyone ever do the right thing ?

How come

The first modern toothbrush was invented in 1938 and pretty much has not improved really nor does it clean your teeth properly in all this time of great advancement and super technology ? Cause you know if there did exist a toothbrush that actually cleaned your teeth properly we would have no need of the dental profession what so ever ! Chew on that awhile. Like they did in 3000 BC. Maybe humans are not as smart as they think they are !

Spare (not the Prince Harry book)

I was driving on the highway on a spare tire, which I’m not supposed to do. It was like the movie Speed, with Keanu Reeves. (Never actually seen it.) Note the capital S, as I wasn’t driving all that fast. Then it began to rain, thereby making my slowness more palatable to other drivers I’m sure. That was more like Little Buddha, also with Keanu strangely enough. Never seen that one either and with that one my motivation is stronger. It is what it is. Words to live (and drive) by!!!


Life is all about perspective. One persons poor, is another persons freedom. Coming out of the pandemic I am hearing more and more from people who's lives superseded the strain of the last few years. Oddly, the one degree of separation to reality is that the divorces they are staving off, their parenting decisions etc, are simply coincidental to many peoples struggles of the last few years. I try to check my own humility rather than judge others, but as I re socialize around many people, the lack of humility and the personal downfall of the previously successful seems to be all around me.


I am allergic to Christmas before December. It gives me an emotional rash. Rubs me the wrong way. It also seems incredibly disrespectful to not allow Remembrance day the space and consideration it deserves for people who sacrificed their lives within our lifetime in favour of someone who died over 2000 years ago (and wasn’t even born in December). Hell, for all the obsession and piousness, no one actually knows when that guy was born. And can we give his white washed image a rest? That person was not white. I’m sure if we found a way to commercialize Remembrance day, sell occasion specific food and wares, make it fun and sexy then it would be more celebrated. Did the people of the past die so that we could celebrate Commercialism?

I lived in Vancouver on and off for 8 years...

And it robbed me of any chance of a social life or career in my 20s. How can the city be so hostile and uncaring to young professional adults that they're fucked the moment they graduate from post secondary?

Life Is Short

I messaged a lady from the ghost of Christmas past years ago. I was hoping we could get together for a cup of steamy coffee, just to clear the air and relax. I’m not looking for a girlfriend, by all means. Just a friendly meaningful conversation about life itself. Let’s be real and genuine.

Unsafe in our city.

Last night, my car was stolen. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last. I had some security devices on it, but obviously they don’t do much. Although this totally sucks, I’m not really writing to complain about it, but to confess that it has reminded me of how unsafe I feel in my city. I don’t live somewhere that is considered “sketch”. I used to feel very safe here, but lately it seems that no matter where I go, something bad has happened. Vancouver, Burnaby, Delta, Surrey… is anywhere safe anymore? A few weeks ago a woman was attacked in broad daylight, crossing a street that is less than 5 mins from my home. A couple years ago there was a creep watching young women through basement windows in my neighbourhood (please buy blinds people!) and doing (what I’m sure you can imagine) with his body. I’m going to a Christmas party where I’m worried about having to catch the skytrain because the area is totally sketch. (Yes I could and will probably get a ride, but that isn’t really the point). I’m scared to walk home when it’s just getting dark outside, even though I’m a 5 min walk from skytrain. It’s the fact that I feel scared. I don’t feel safe anymore. I read that random attacks on strangers are increasing. What has happened to our city. It’s depressing. Am I alone in these thoughts….

Things change, stuff happens, life goes on

I never went to any of my high school reunions. My thing is out of sight, out of mind. Sure, there were a few kids I hung out with back in the day and we often ate lunch together. Truth be told, we were never really that close. It wasn’t a friendship, only a clique. We stuck around each other just for the social aspect based on common interests like music and movies. But as we got older, our interests changed…big time and we started having minds of our own. We eventually went our separate ways, haven’t seen or communicated with each other since. That’s life.


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