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Ahhhhhhh! 7pm

These people are getting crazy. I respect the nurses and doctors obviously (a lot!)... but as an introvert, I just feel like I am from a different planet from these people.

Looks like face masks are

Fashionable now! Who would have guessed? I wonder if they will evolve into sexy mouth covers like belly dancers have in the middle east. Yowzers. I would like that.

Friday night regret

Yes I drank to much and liked all my exes wife’s Facebook pages. Perfect time to delete my accounts now. Did get a great idea to write a book about the crazy affair.I need to release all my thoughts and nobody wants to heard all my dirty little secret’s but they would like to read them

My wish

I wish I loved techno music. Then I wouldn’t want to kill my neighbours.

Hangover Land

I used to hate being hungover because it made me feel like I was wasting time. Now I have all the time I could ever want so I’m spending most of it hungover.


Who has time to play video games when you have to work

Cutting out the middleman

With so much time on my hands, I’ve sourced my products much cheaper online. NOT by using evil Amazon I should say. I now realize how brick and mortar retailers have been charging 300-700% markup on things. From now on, I’m going to buy at the source. Money is precious and the middleman is no longer getting their cut.

Wish I could hug a stranger

On April 4th along Beach Ave I witnessed three Canadian Geese fly into the front of a driving BMW. The geese came out of nowhere and sadly they were run over and badly injured. The driver of the BMW could not have averted this situation. At the next intersection I saw the driver was crying and was shaken up. I just wanted to tell this driver that I wish I could have given you a hug and tell you that it wasn’t your fault, it was an accident.

I Had A Dream

Not the MLK kind. The other morning I fell back asleep. Suddenly I was in a yard that looked very familiar. As I walked into the backyard I saw a group of animals that I recognized. One very special little soul ran up too me and leapt into my arms and it was like we were holding each other. The feeling was one of the most amazing I can remember ever in my life. So warm and loving and enduring. I smile every time I think about it and am immensely grateful for both the dream and my the time with all the animals that were a part of my life.

Too precious by far

Alright, I know that I’m probably going to sound like a mean old guy, but my neighbours literally drive me crazy with the way they interact with their little kid. They’re right outside my window (it’s a condo) and they’re singing nursery rhymes. Every time the guy talks to his kid, he uses that overly fake sing-song voice like he’s talking to an imbecile. He repeats everything the kid says! Tree? Yes! That is a tree! This child is at least 3 years old, and appears to be of completely normal intelligence. The mother is almost worse, because she does the same thing but sounds like Minnie Mouse when she speaks. I’m a father so I don’t hate children. I just can’t stand their *precious* behaviour! It’s nauseating.


English Bay beach green hair/green jacket...

You: On a bike but had stopped at a bench in front of a way-too-busy English Bay beach on Sunday....

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