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Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

It happened. I was triggered. Hard. For days I felt at a crawling pace to keep going, to find my rhythm again. The image of a fighter plane riddled in bullet holes would come to mind and the idea of survivorship bias. Damaged as I am - I am still here. But some planes never make it back. What can be done to ensure they do in the future. And what of me remains intact that differs that can be fortified.

Absent dog walker

I think your dog would appreciate it if you could take a break from playing candy crush while dragging him around by the neck while he's trying to take a crap lady. Some people don't deserve animals.

Do you think

do you think It's possible to Love someone yOu have never even met ? this is the question I now find myself wondering. can loVe and music transcend timE and the reality of what we are taught to be true in this world ? I don't believe in fairytales anYmore but I still believe there is magic and sOme sort of destiny in this Universe ! a reason for being and believing that anything can happen.

Government plant-based meat mandates

I am glad we haven't gotten to this point yet. It's so gross to know corporate America could own our right to eat meat and replace it with highly processed soy-beans and chemicals because it is fashionable with brainwashed young people.


You would be 51 this year. I'm sorry you weren't given a chance. It wasn't what I wanted. Please forgive me. I hate myself now. I'm so ashamed. Wait a minute, baby...stay with me awhile...said you'd give me light...but you never told me about the fire...

Porn porn porn

Let's face it....a young attractive woman watching porn is considered hot....a middle aged average looking guy watching it is considered disgusting & gross.

I've Become a Ridiculous Person

I had goals. Plans. Then I met a young woman who looked and smelled rather nice and had a charming accent and quirky movements and all of that evaporated. She didn't find me as interesting as I did her I guess either, so now I'm just kind of floating and hoping for some new life path...

You cannot buy happiness

OMG stop buying useless shit to try and make yourself feel happy cause it doesn't work does it ? Because you really don't need more useless shit! Stop hoarding food cause half of everything you don't eat goes into the dump and 10 Million people die of hunger every year. 10 Million. Stop the insanity ! Minimalist is the new cool.

Doing research

I've been trying to see what happened to the earth and were things have gone wrong with the planet. And why things are so horribly off balanced and why the planet is so sick. Guess who's name keeps popping up as to why these things have been occurring and continue to happen to this very day in fact ? Rockefeller's !

I don't want to hear your fake facts again

I don't know what's wrong with you dude but it's tiring AF to be around. Every uninformed factoid you say ends with the word "period", like you're some kind of authority. But everything you say, everything, is wrong. You make statements that are completely fictitious, from your imagination, and say period at the end like it fact. When your presented with the actual facts you double down on your erroneous, made up, spoken out your ass, fake facts... period. Only idiots claim wikipedia isn't accurate. You're far too irritating to be around. I'm out, for good.


Girl in the green jacket at Indigo Robson

I instantly saw you when I walked into the Indigo on Robson Street. Your green jacket and...

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