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I miss opening bands

When I go to a show to see the opening band because I am to cool for the main band, or when I go to a show and the opening band is beyond amazing and then I get to wander over to the Merch table and buy sh*t straight from them. Then I listen to them and their media page leads me to a ton of new bands from some state or part of the world I did not know had a scene. The pandemic has taken small art from my life in ways that I don't know can come back. The last 4 sets of tickets I bought have all been for shows that at the last minute were cancelled. :(

A short love confession

I don't have many, but thought this was neat. About 18-19 years ago I took a girl skating in new west. I kept the 2 receipts. Gave them to my mom to hold on to. Years later I would spend time with said girl and our relationship was a train wreck. I haven't had a gf since. Not a pat on the back, just a fact. My mom passed recently and in her most jewelry box of most treasured things I found those two tickets. Due to the circumstances of her passing, I also had found that she had been facebook followed her ever since. The last movie I watched with my mom was the princess bride. She always loved a love story. At the time I couldn't convince my ex or my mom that this girl was my one true love. But in the years following my mom understood. never said anything but understood. finding those two little preserved tickets and an art book that my ex drew for me, was all I will ever need for true love. life is pain. But so is love. Hope you all find yours.

The Hundred Club

When I was in kindergarten we learned to count to a hundred. It took a bit of time and effort but we were encouraged along the way to believe success would be rewarded with exclusive membership. I was sooo disappointed upon graduation to discover no wood paneled lounge with leather armchairs and smoking jackets no balloons or confetti. One of life's first major disappointments. What was that all about?

Y'all need to chill out!

I've left my house probably 10 times in the last 30 days and when I went out today I made a faux pas. I forgot about the rules I'm supposed to be bound by and went over the "line" they had there. I was just happy to talk to another human being at that moment. I don't dress trashy to signify I'm a bum. Some people are still way too scared.

Mixed Feelings

I hate this Pandemic as much as anyone else, but the fact that this situation has turned so many people against each other - for so many completely unfounded reasons - has really made me depressed. I've always tried to look on the bright side of things - I've been dealing with cancer for the last 5 years, so I really have to try to stay focused in this situation, but I have to ask - why does it feel like so many people have kind of lost their mind? Life is not fair, and that becomes clearer with time. Everything has now gone wrong in some way for all of us - all at the same time. If this is your first time to not get your own way, please do not lash out at everyone around you. We are all in the same boat - whether you think so or not. I want to believe that we can get through this time - together, but it breaks my heart to see how many people want to turn on each other - at exactly the time when we should rely on each other. I actually thought about ending my life today, after being confronted by idiots who thought it would be a good idea to harass people who were wearing a face mask - waiting in line to get a blood test at Lifelabs. Don't they know that maybe other people actually have some real problems, and that they are trying their best to deal with them? My faith in humanity is at an all-time low.


I’m worried about my husband’s health. It’s gotten worse during the pandemic. He eats like crap, over eats, and hardly moves. I can’t say anything or he freaks out and lashes out at me. I’m at a loss. Really worried as his health is obviously declining.

Finally happened

I'm officially Married with Children and I completely understand how Al Bundy was disenchanted by the world.


I have been homeless for the past 2 months. I have a fulltime job but I don't have enough to pay first and lasts plus a security deposit. Its a viscous cycle. Two days after I became homeless my gf dumped me. Its become a daily struggle just to wash my clothing, shower, etc. I now understand why homeless people use shopping carts. Otherwise you are lugging around all of your possessions all day long. My only solace is that the homeless community is very loving. I have never met so many genuine down to earth people. These people will share the little food they have or clothing with you. If Vancouver was full of people with this type of compassion and love it would be an amazing place to live. Instead I have Vancouver guys bragging to a homeless guy about how much money they are making and what a great real estate investor they are. I had one guy tell me he spend $3000 on his shoes but couldn't spare any food for the food shelter. The worst part is how Vancouver guys feel that they can just tee off on you anytime they want. Your sleeping on the street and they will kick you to wake you up while their girlfriend laughs in delight. This has happened on multiple occasions. The next time you see a homeless person realize they are a person and deserve basic human dignity.

I don't do Facebook

I'm sure people have probably posted about this many times, but I digress. So glad I finally closed my Facebook account for good. It brought out the worst in me and nearly ruined my life. Being on that superficial platform nearly cost me a great deal of my sanity and dignity as well as my health. Getting rid of it permanently has made me a much better person. I can't emphasize enough just how gratifying it feels to be free as a bird. And Whoever wants to stay in touch with me can either send me an email, text or better yet meet in person.

So lonely

I confess that I have lied in some of my posts to get a little bit of attention. I really miss the affirmations...


To Johnny from Kerry

It was outside Colony on Granville this Thanksgiving Sunday. I was waiting for a friend outside....

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