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I was laid off in the winter and then gave up everything in my life in Vancouver for employment in a different city where people don't speak English. Lockdown happened the week after I found an apartment and I have been feeling the effects of isolation ever since. Because all I do is work and the job has me demoralized, there's not much happiness in my life. I do t really know what to do because there's no going back now. Only forward.

Strange Associations

Every time David Suzuki comes up in my brain, I think zucchini cake. I have absolutely no idea why. Memory is such an odd place.

Time to dream

I confess that lately I've been day-dreaming a lot. It's probably not a good thing since it makes me distracted and what I really want is to be in the present. My mind keeps drifting though - thinking about going back in time about 300 years ago in England or Europe or something. I wonder to myself, what could I say or do that would be cool or help them out a bit without radically altering the present time? There are tons of things but anyway, what I came up with are: #1 cheese burgers. I mean why wait until the 1950s? They'd probably enjoy a good burger. In fact, add poutine to that. They'd have all the separate ingredients back then, just need the nudge. #2 wheels on steamer trunks. C'mon, easy. We all waited a long, long time past the introduction of the wheel to have an easier time pulling a suitcase. #3 laundry tubs. Rig up something with pulleys, ropes and a wooden swish-type paddle. Washing clothes in a river must have sucked. #4 toothbrushes - save a lot of grief. The only concept I think I'd try to "implant" into the mass culture/psyche is that no matter what, they should never let business or industry anywhere near their rivers and lakes. That'd be a good seed to plant for the future now.

Holding pattern

Not thriving. Just surviving. And lending help to friends and family who are suffering the economic fallout of COVID. I have good days and bad days. Still feel disoriented in this new life but if I have a job, a roof over my head, and no one I know gets infected, then that’s all that really counts right now.


I've been spending a lot of time naked in my apartment during the Covid-19 self isolation..But the only time I feel naked is when my neighbour can see me from her balcony..She can see into my living room and then I feel deliciously naked...Are people really naked if no one sees them ?

Masks and six foot rule

I use an elevator everyday and still people bound into the elevator instead of waiting till you have got off the elevator using the six foot rule.just look at the USA statistics people .

Blew It

Today I had this (seemingly) great plan to tell my crush I've been into him for a while. But then I forgot to bring along the baking I had made for him and chickened out. He's moving jobs and we won't really talk much going forward, so there's a good chance that was my last shot. But hey, I guess next time I'll know to speak up sooner.


Spin class beauty

You were in my spin class, front row. Shoulder-length black hair, it was down when you walked in,...


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