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Hey Ladies

So if you want to read an interesting bit of information. Check out the Savage Love post in todays Thrusdays paper or online. "I took Molly" Post Dam thats all Im saying Dam. Taking Care of Business. Lol

Team "Building"

I'm not sure why they want me to spend my personal time with people from work when they are just going to lay them off.


My lizard brain always wants a second piece of toast.

Goodbye my sweet sugar love

I cant wait for you any longer, it breaks my heart but you have your own Battles to win. I understand that now. Stand strong me hearty your ship will come in someday. Cause life is a highway and Im going to ride it all night long. Hey, Hey, Hey.

Strange fruit

Sorry ladies, I didn't mean to frighten you. When I go out at night and do pull ups and hanging exercises on tree branches, it did not occur to me that from a distance it may look like you found someone who had hung themselves from a tree. I'm not sure that I will do anything differently since I really enjoy doing this as part of my fitness routine. But at least now if I encounter any more screaming women, I will know what they are frightened about.


Did you ever wonder? Maybe your not as nice of a person as you thought you were and you deserve all the misery and unhappiness you are feeling. Cause sometimes lately, it feels like it. No matter how hard you try.

I miss u

I miss talking with you. I miss the warmth that comes off of you. I miss how you look at me when you don’t think I can see it. With some kind of wonder mixed with a smile. I miss you seeking me out. I miss all the things right about you and all the things wrong. I miss our connection.


Haven’t read the comics in a long time but I’ll never forget the TV show. It wasn’t the same when Lorenzo Music, the original actor who voiced Garfield died many years ago.

Mixed feelings

I just found out that someone from my past died...six months ago. All this time he was gone and I had no idea. Honestly I don’t know how to react and process this. Sometimes he could he be sweet, but other times he was just an ass.

I don’t know

Why is it that every time I speak my mind and say the truth, somehow I end up getting myself into trouble? I don’t mince words. I’m tired of sugar coating. Take my job example. A lot of people I worked with at one location were dicks so I put them in their place and told it like it was. Yet when I spoke the truth and called them out on their bullshit, I ended up looking like an even bigger dick. A lot of people dislike me all because I’m straight forward. That’s why I transferred to another location. Maybe I should have just put up and shut up cause it’s the job that matters? Don’t see any logic in getting paid to take abuse on a daily basis.


Kelly from Surrey

I think back fondly to our brief but sweet companionship; It was fun and you are a beautiful...

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