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Straight forward

If there’s one thing that turns me off, it’s people who are superficial hypocrites. I cannot relate to these types because I prefer to tell it like it is and be myself. My rule of thumb has always been to never say sorry or hello when you do not mean it. There’s nothing worse than bullshit.


My first summer job in Ontario 20 years or so ago paid 5.85 an hour. Since then I've saved as much as I can...but 20 years later I think I would have had more fun just spending it. The money is devaluing faster than I can miserly penny-pinch it toward retirement goals.

Office Life

I have been working from home since last March and I never realized how much of my day was wasted on useless office birthday parties and events. A lot of productivity is lost just due to the workplace drama that occurs on a daily basis. So and so is married and slept with so and so. This person is talking about you behind your back and is trying to get you fired. Don't get me wrong I miss going to coffee and some of the social interactions at work. I don't miss the 1 hour commute and being forced to sit at a cubicle all day long. Most people don't realize whether you have 4 hours of work or 8 hours of work you're spending a large amount of your day just trying to look busy or stretch out your work for the day. Saving so much money not having to drive to work, pay for parking, or childcare expenses. I am getting twice as much work done and I hope I never go back to the office.


It is so exhausting to have to pretend to be nice to stupid people at work.

5 months ago...

I did some work for an old flame for free. They started the exchange with saying "I didn't want you to think that I was contacting you because I needed something." Haven't heard from them since ...

I stir the pot a little

Each time a crow dive bombs me, I throw pretend rocks at them. They go crazy. Now we're even!


When I notice I'm not really registering stuff I'm reading I do a mental countdown 10, 9, 8..... 3, 2, 1 and get off the internet unless I find something interesting. Sort of like a trick that I learned at an early age to get out of the nice hot shower before facing the cold cruel world.

Performance anxiety

I want to please my partner so much I lose my arousal from the pressure.


...are by far my favourite bird. Mainly because they are the closest thing to a dog in the aviary world. They doddle around like dogs, they’re smart like dogs, and given time, they learn to recognize faces. So boo to your budgie; I’m sticking with the ubiquitous crow.

Artist within self previously undiscovered

During the pandemic, I was too focused on computer and app use and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome but then I found a way to make my own coloring pages and now I print them out in black and white and I use my child's markers, crayons and coloring pencils to bring the sketch to life! No design skills required, and my ability to bring life to a dull black and white picture is astounding! Also it takes a bit more concentration to blend the colors correctly sometimes it takes me a day or two to get a realistic looking final result. My favorite subject is flowers, and I am getting to know the botanical names for plants as a result. The next step will be to try to sell this art, as I have lost my job during the pandemic (the store I was working at was shut down) and this will bring in some extra cash if I can properly frame and present this art. I love coloring because no one bothers me while I am busy and I can forget my day to day life as I lose myself in the art I have created.


Amanda from Saskatoon and Victoria, now of...

I checked on you to make sure you were OK, after seeing you walking on the train tracks in East...


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