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Back in the day I used to snicker at the ads for this home haircutting system but I guess they’re having the last laugh now, such as it is. I fear that if I can’t get a haircut for a few months I’ll be full-on Anakin Skywalker or at least Dean from the Gilmore Girls reunion. Might not be a bad thing, heat notwithstanding.

I confess that I feel very fortunate

during this crazy time because self-isolating is not a big deal for me. I live alone and have always been fairly reclusive. I do miss my gym and the Library but I have exercise bands at home and the Internet is an infinite source of e-books, movies, music. This must all be very difficult for the social animals out there but just load up your Skype and socialize all you want. And remember, this too shall pass.

for me

Personally, I think I'd rather die of COVID-19 than be trapped in my home and not allowed to come within 2 metres of anyone for six months.

I tell you

Im sick of this cold shitty weather. It was bloody was snowing this morning. Its bloody April man. Im cold damit. Bad enough with this state of stupidity going on. All the hype and the ridiculous ness of it ! But in the cold .. Im at a loss. Dam cold. Burrrrrrrrshit

Does everyone have more time now?

I feel like I don't have to deal with the rate race as much because it hardly exists. Not going out to do pointless errands all the time helps. Skipping a long Vancouver commute on transit kicks-ass. Remote work is just 7 1/2 hours a day and I don't have a stressful manager hovering over me in person so it's not as mentally taxing. No toxic colleagues either. This is wonderful. I think I am taking on remote work in the near future full-time. Not worth working at an in-office job.


Everyone in Vancouver knows how I have been feeling for many years now. Frustrating isn't it ? Change is coming. Hope Right ?

In the last 48 hours....

I’ve slept for about 40 of them. I just cannot seem to wake up. I’ve been getting up to take the dogs out and to feed them. Thankfully they seem to like sleeping as long as I do.

I see it from both sides.

Today it's really hit me how incredibly lucky I am to have a job where I can work from home and I have the reassurance that I will have work to do for the months to come. I live in house that has three separate units. I have my own unit, two guys who live across the hall, and three girls who live above me. All three girls who live above me couldn't make rent because they all worked in hospitality and the film industry. All three are waiting for the provincial benefits to become available in a week or two. I am not too sure about the guys, but I think one is working from home? Anyways, this house is my landlord's first investment property. He used to live in it, and him and his wife are generally nice and responsive. He's obviously freaking out. He's actually a super nice guy, and he did take a chance renting out to me. It's actually an affordable place for a pretty nice one bedroom. When he rented out to me he was like, "Me and wife picked you because we think you'd actually make this a home". So, I had the cash and I paid him a day early for rent because I knew he was probably beside himself with stress. He sent me a text saying he was actually so appreciative. So yeah, I am one of the lucky ones. But hey, it wouldn't take much to knock me off my feet either, and I see it from both sides. Everyone is hurting. Our city has been fragile for so long and this is the event that just brought Vancouver to its knees.


I'm grateful, not just to medical folks on the front lines, fighting the good fight to keep us all safe from the Virus. I'm grateful to those folks in essential services that still wake up and go to work to keep the lights and heat on, lines of communication open, food and clean water available - all those services that prevent human civilization from descending into anarchy. I'm grateful too to those folks that are making the right choice to listen, stay safe, and at home. We humans are a powerful force, that can accomplish amazing things when we unite together in common cause. I'm truly grateful and delighted that there are actually so many of us doing our part. I lift my cup to you.

You're a big boy now

I know someone who lives at home and he's 35. His parents have told him he has to go. They are going to pay about 80K to get him out of the house because he is a dependent....not independent. He will not make it on his own in this world. He can't even do a simple task that anyone from age 5 and up can do. And he's consistent with it. He needs to get the fuck out of his parents place and learn what it's like to fend for yourself. You're a big boy now....time to act like one.


Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. ...

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